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Jo Boodle



Hello,  I am very fortunate in that I live on a very quiet road bordered with forrest and fields, ideal for walking my dog.  She is a very friendly golden retriever, so I do not put her on the leash.  I have been walking up and down the road every day for many years and all the neighbours say hello and pat the dog which is so lovely.  Today someone from another road was walking down the same road with her small dog on a leash and shouted at me for not having my dog on a leash and said it was not allowed.  She was in a panic and picked her dog up.  My dog went up to her gently and tried to say hello with a big waggy tail, but she continued to shout even when I explained that my dog was not viscous she told me I was stupid.  I am shocked at such abuse and feel the need to ask if I am in the wrong.  Can anyone please advise.

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