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I am relocating back to the UK in December and I am having problems getting my kitten back to the UK, he is passported  and has all his documentation up to date, my problem is that to fly him he has to go in the hold and it will be a minimum of a €1000.  I have got as far as Calais but now my problem is how to get him over the channel as foot passengers are not allowed to travel with pets and I cannot rent a car and leave it in the UK.  Any help suggestions would truly be appreciated

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Shortty63 1509093190

Have you looked into getting to Paris then taking the Eurostar? 

susan-bromwich-912797 1509095657

The eurostar will not allow pets with the exception of  guide dogs

Ras-214972 1509182352

Can you hand carry on a plane?

I have definitely seen small dogs in handbags on Air France flights between Nice and Paris.

Romantica-196641 1509192675

Does this link (Feb 2017) help? :

Romantica-196641 1509192902

However, this link does suggest that the breeds allowed in the cabin are limited (Air France) :

Romantica-196641 1509192998

Could you find someone to carshare with for the ferry crossing?

susan-bromwich-912797 1509193300

Thank you for your reply Romantica, I did speak to Air France and the only flight that they allow pets in the cabin is Paris - New York.  It really has been an eye opening situation.  I am hoping that I may have found a solution by organising someone in the UK to come and pick me up from the Hotel in the morning.  Fingers crossed

Mary G 1594289868

I know this post is three years old. But you all might like to know that there is now a service called EasyPet where they pick up your pet and transport it by van all the way from England down to Monaco doing stops on the way where you can meet them to collect your pet. It cost a friend of ours £399 to transport her dog from Kent to Nice. 

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