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Hi I was just wondering about dog sitting.  I have a gorgeous little xYorkie called Jerry and sometimes I would like to go away for the weekend but I worry about what I can do with Jerry.  Maybe once every two months for a weekend I go to England where a lot of my friends live.  I was wondering firstly how much a dog sitter charges and if Jerry would stay at our house in Le Cannet and get visited for feeds and walks or if maybe there is someone in my area who also has a small dog, preferably a girl as he seems to want to eat boys, who would think of maybe looking after my dog once in a while and I could look after yours when you go away.  Jerry is tres important and needs lots of love so I worry about leaving him  but going away for a weekend to play with another dog might actually be good for him.  What do you think?  Obviously we would have to meet up first so we can check out each other as I hear scandals of people stealing dogs to sell them for tasty snacks in dodgy countries!!!!!!!!!! not that they would get much for Jerry as he is a bit small.....anyway silly talk - someone give me some clues on what they do when they go away. Thanks   Katherine Fear is a habit. I am not afraid.

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I second your objections to kennels, and will add a name to your list on a kennel in Cagnes sur Mer...  Injury, illness and death have come out of it!  The warning can't be too strong. 

Love not War : If for any reason the dog sitting circle doesn't work out, I have a list of refuge volunteers who do pet sitting in their spare time, around the Vence to Nice region.

And then, there is Gilly Bennett and Suzanne Digby who both operate dog pensions (they are listed somewhere in the Anglo Info files), in Gorbio and Nice respectively.

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Love not war.


I was posted as logging in as Love not War.....as this is my husbands login and he had not logged out.....anyway thank you so much for all your advice.  I shall be avoiding all dog kennels completely I think from now.  I must admit I was going to consider them but now definately not.  I am very interested in this dog swopping so please do send me the details.  The fact that no money is swopped and all members are pet owners makes you feel safe that they will treat your dog well.  I have an appartment with a large balcony on the first floor in Le Cannet but there are also large communal gardens and a lake which Jerry walks round three times a day.  I would be more than happy to look after someone elses dog first.  Infact I would quite enjoy it.  Please send details and thanks for the advice.


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We love our dog's and have 2 german shepherds's currently and we are also caring for a lovely couple's birds.

We have fortunately a great kennels we use for our own dog's when we need to return to the Uk, (not very often)

If you are concerned and want a happy  haven for your little pooch, feel free to contact us and depending on where you live it maybe an hour's drive, but your dog will have a welcome happy home as often as you require and at NO cost ! Big dog's love company, and we have loads of room and lots of love for all animals, so do our own animals.

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We have a very beautiful and playful female labrador and would be happy to enter into a dog sitting arrangement.  Ideally when you are away we could have your yorkie at our apartment (ground floor with very large secure garden).  We walk our lab everyday usually in the Park.  It would be great to know that if we needed to go away somebody could take our dog also.  If you are interested please email.

Gary L

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Hi Katherine 

  I would be very interested in any dog sitter names you could pass on , 

I am in RoquefortI, have an English Bull Terrier & need someone who loves dogs to stay when Im away , for weekends or longer  at our home 

  Be really greatfull for any  contacts . Many thanks Caroline Bickley 

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We just moved to Antibes (close to Place de Gaulle) and are looking to find a pet watching arrangement of some sort. We have a large Weimaraner who loves other dogs so watching other dogs is no problem if we can find a safe place for our dog while on vacation. We do not have a car so that is a complication. Just sent request for contact info from legend_in_my_lunchtime



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I know of a french organization that helps arrange care for pets in their own home, while the owners are on holiday.  There is an extensive questionnaire wherein you can make your priorities known, as well as provide details of your pet(s), home, garden etc.  We've used this organization many times when we take two or three week holidays, and its always worked out well.  We have three dogs, and believe me, their care is a top priority!  There are people who don't want strangers in their home, and I understand this, but we much prefer this arrangement to putting the dogs in a kennel...a kennel just wouldn't work for us, or our doggies.

If you need details, let me know, and I'll be happy to provide them.


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I don't mind dog sitting for you for a few days. My main reason is to meet new friends as I am on my own most of the time. I have a huge terrence in Mougins which would be suitable. I'm working as a teacher so I could mainly do it at weekends or summer hols.



Annie 0980 67 43 12

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I am looking for a dog sitter for my pug, just for the day on Monday 27th. Will welcome any leads.



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We are a retired (just) couple living in Nice but have family wanting to stay in our apartment over Christmas/New Year. We would be available during this period to dog sit/house sit so that we could have accommodation in the area and at the same time be near our family.

Could provide Tax Habitation details of our property and any other id required.

Please contact me through this site or email jane@welcome-aboard.net

Many thanks,


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Hi Finbar,

Could you please send me details of the French organization?  Katherine, I would also be interested in "swapping" dog minding duties, I live in Menton.

With thx

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Hi guys,

my name is Maja, I am 27 years old and I live in Canes with my husband and our dog Marley ( cocker spaniel, 3 years old) . We dog sit a lot, have had small and big dogs at our place, Marley gets along with everyone he is very gentle and playful and used to having other dogs in our home, so if anyone is interested or need a dog sitter we are available :) my number is 0661226353.

Have a nice day!

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Hi Maja

i am looking for someone to dog sit my sausage dog and jack Russell for 2-3 weeks over the Christmas period. Would you be able to hel out at all ? We live in Villeneuve Loubet.






LJB-241627 1416254514


Did you get anywhere with the dog sitting ? I have a mini sausage and a Jack Russell and am looking for someone to look after them for 2-3 weeks over Christmas. They are both male and the Jack has been speyed. Both trained and get along well. Please contact me if you can help at all.



bebe.coole 1416264370

Hi Lisa,

my email is maja.djuric87@gmail.com can you please send me your email or phone number, and preferably the exact dates ( if you know ) so we can arrange meeting as well first. I will probably be able to take care of them :)



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Hi Majai my email is lisabrookes1@aol.com. The approximate dates would be 10 December to 2nd January. Please email me so we can discuss.





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Hi Katherine

I don't know if you found anyone to look after your dog....I have 2 dogs... A mini sausage and a Jack Russell... We go away quite often and the kennel fees and quality here are awful to say the least! I was wondering if you would like to do a dog minding share with me....we could get together, introduce the dogs etc and take it from there...what do you think ? My email is lisabrookes1@aol.com


Many Thanks


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