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Hi, we have a young looking deer in our garden, and were wondering who to call or if there were any sanctuaries or rehabilitators, just in case the mother doesn't return? Many thanks for any help.  

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Is there anyone out there who can advise me on how I can administer eye drops to my cat? He sat very obediently at the vet's yesterday as they were put into his eyes. But for me today, he runs off as soon as he sees me pick up the bottle of drops, if I do manage to get near him with them he just wriggles away and gets free. Any tips?  

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Hello animal lovers, We have been adopted by a family of 4 kittens living on the campsite where we have our summer home in Biot.  The campsite will not tolerate an abundance of cats and we need to find a refuge who will take them before they are culled in the winter months. They are very fond of each other and happy and healthy , just rather timid - about 9 or 10 weeks old. The Mother is still with them. We have been told the local refuge cannot take any more kittens.  We dont mind travelling with them but need ideas as to who would take them in. Thanks for any advice, Jane

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Hi, I have 3 english bulldogs, a brother and sister (1 year old) and a lady (10 years old). I'm looking for a nice and available pet sitter to take care of them for some week ends, a week or several days during the year. Someone totally free because as every bulldogs, they don't like to stay alone and are not used to as we are always with them. They love sleeping (especially the lady), playing with childrens or adults, walking (short walk), discovering new things as they are very young, meeting other dogs, they are very lovely and good tempered. Once you know them, you can't leave them ! :-) So, if you like bulldogs and ready to give them a lot of love and attention, that you have a house with a lovely enclosed garden, please feel free to contact me. Not looking for someone who comes at home but someone with a house. Kennels and people only interested for extra revenue, please do not contact me. vdorange@free.fr Thanks Vincent  

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I wonder if there is anyone out there with a pet with Addisons disease? My dog has it and I am trying to find a Vet with experience of the disease please. Any helpw ould be great. I don't really need recommendations of your vet if they are good, just if you know they have some Addison patients already. My vets are great but I do need someone with experience of this quite complicated disease. Thank you so much Please mail me or call 0493 705915  

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Hello all Angloinfo readers, Leslie from the association 'Les Chats du Mercantour' is looking for foster families and volontary help to place all the cats she is catching in the villages in the mountains, also she needs donations to help sterilize the stray cats in these villages, any donation you give is tax deductible at 66% so if you give €20 it will only cost you €6.80 and you are giving to a good cause. Leslie does a marvellous job catching all these cats, she has just spent three days in Guillaumes, (Gorges du Daluis, local Colorado), one day with a volonteer, catching 15 cats, myself took 8 cats to the clinic at Lingostière and brought 3 back, Chris brought 5 back the following day and took away a beautiful 3 year old ginger tom called Polux who was chassed in the village, he's up for adoption for anyone who loves ginger cats, I have three of them.  So please if you have a little time and love cats consider giving your help and also a bit of cash. Contact Leslie at Les Chats du Mercantour she will only too pleased of any help. She cannot take anymore cats on as she is more than full!!  

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If you see or have seen a chocoltae lab puppy with a golden lab adult please call Ingrid omn 06 35 47 95 74 or it may be 06 35 47 85 74  ( she wrote her number down and not sure if the digit is a 9 or an 8)- she just stopped us on the road when out walking out dogs,  very distressed lost hers two hours ago.  thanks.

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Does anyone know of a horse stable in the Antibes area?

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We have a cat in the corner of our garden, dark brown tabby, who has three small active kittens.   The kittens seem fine, but the mother will not let us anywhere near her, and she looks quite tired. I don't want to arrange to get them taken away to a place of safety (we are a building site at the moment, so not safe for them to stay here...) if the owners are nearby.. We are near the roundabout on the main road to Antibes above Plascassier, in the commune of Mouans Sartoux, with Chemin des Groulles one direction, and Chemin de Castelleras the other...

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We are moving to France very soon and are concerned about our pet cat. We have heard all sort of differing things about what we need for her. We are only going to be bringing her into France, not returning to UK (ever). Please help,

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Last week provided two wonderful finds - both animal related - a wonderful English speaking person who not only upholstered our old chairs, but made darling matching dog beds; AND a very responsible woman who visited daily to talk care of our cat, very thorough, contract, we had to make out a check to our vet - just in case, and she took photos of Henri IV again just in case. Happy to provide info for any animal lovers interested.

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I have just been diagnosed with cancer and cannot have my beloved 2 pugs at home for the next few months. Dear friends in the UK have offered to take them in while I sort this but I need to get them to Paris where they will be collected and taken to their new temporary homes in the UK. They will be ready to leave from June 21st - Passports will be all in order. If anyone could help me I would be so grateful - Official transporters and dog sitters are out of my budget and Pugs cannot go by plane due to their breathing issues. Its a long shot but I thought I would ask. Obviously I would contribute to petrol and tolls. Thank you

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Hello.  We live in Nice and are in need of a pet sitting or boarding service.  Our dog is a 6 year old female, 35 kilo, Rottweiler.  She is well socialized and loves people. We prefer a boarding service.  Here in France, Rottys are class 2 dogs.  She must wear a muzzle when walked in public areas.  Dog walking services are telling us they are not insured for class 2 dogs.  As a result, and because of the liabilty issues, we would prefer to not have a business walk our dog in public spaces. If anyone has experience with this or knows of a business that can help, please let us know. Thanks, David

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Please help. Our German Shepard Leo went missing last night and he's still not home. He has a double silver chain and a blue tag with his name, villa name & phone number on. He's very approachable so if you see him please don't hesitate to go near him he's really lovely. Went missing in super Cannes/vallauris area. so worried he's been taken. He has big ears, dark face and top of back with a light coloured belly & legs

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Hi There, Quite an urgent request please. Does anyone know of a good English speaking Vet in Central or North Nice - The closer to Liberation tram stop the better! I understand that details of vets can not be posted online so please PM me. Thanks so much for any help, it is truly appreciated!

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Hi, does anyone know where I can find out about beaches I could take my dog on?  I don't want to leave her alone each time!  Preferably beaches with good swimming/wild swimming so I could leave my dog with my boys.  Thanks.

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Just to let animal owners to keep their eye out after we chased a guy off our property yesterday morning in Mandelieu. He had set a wire slip knot trap and was carrying a canvas bag which was not empty..... The guardian of our property recognised the trap because he used to set them to catch rabbits when he was a kid. So please keep your eyes peeled and check your gardens. (We alerted the police) Thanks!

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We have lost our adorable McLeod. He is a male black and white cat with a red collar that has a bell Missing since Wednesday 16th April from Boulevard De L'Esquillon Miramar Theoule sur mer There is a reward for his safe return Telephone 0614330723

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I have six hens and a coq who have been together for 9 months, one red, three black a white and a grey. The white and grey are being seriously pecked. The advice is to seperate in the day and let them roost together.. any other ideas? should I get a second house?

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Can someone please advice me I have just bought down my lovely lady ragdoll and she has just come into heat?! Anyone out there with a boyfriend for her as we would love for her to have kittens! She is 2 years old and just lovely!  asahanna@yahoo.co.uk

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