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Anybody have any thoughts on when and where there might be existing organized groups of dogs and owners who go for nice promenades together on a regular basis?  We'd sure like to socialize this way, as the "pack" promenade is so different from a leisurely walk by owner and dog.  Recommendations for dog training during promenades, and fee-based, would be what we hope to find. Any and all ideas would be appreciated.  The Valbonne to St Jeannet region would be preferable.   Thanks!

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Does anyone know what is the cheapest and least stressful way to get a small dog to UK? i am confused. thank you lucy 

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Hi and Bonjour, We are a couple in our 30s who have recently moved to the Biot area.  We would love to meet up with and get to know other ex-pats locally.  We also have a dog and are keen to meet other people with dogs for walking and socialisation.  Our dog can be rather boisterous so we would prefer her to meet with a medium to large sized dog who would be happy to run and play more actively.   We are planning to move to the Valbonne/Opio area in June.  We will be looking to have the service of a dog walker available around the same time so would be interested to hear from anyone who has some recommendations. Thanks

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Hi all Just got a puppy and very excited. Would love to take him back to UK for christmas and introduce him to the family. The pet passport seems quite straight forward and not the hard part at all. The problem is I can't find anywhere who a. quotes to fly the pet home, and b. does it cheaper than 300€ Can anyone tell if they have done this for cheaper? Its only for a week or so! So I really don't want to pay that much! Thank you :o)

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Hi, I'm hoping to adopt a small dog soon and am looking for a dog cage and any accessories I might need.  Please call 06 12 43 09 77 or reply to this post.  Many thanks.

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Hello to everybody! Can you please suggest  good and reliable dog's sitter for my Golden Retriver. I am in Monaco area. Only please advise those who you know very well. I love my dog and left him once near  Paille in big place for dogs.I could not bring him back over there even for free.It is terrible.  I need it for the begining of June -10 days or so and couple days in May.You can email me dirrect sskovalchuk@hotmail.com Thank you!

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Looking for a kitten.....

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Hello Are there any bird enthusiasts twitchers out there who could probably shed some light on a bird we saw in the garden today. The bird was about the size of a house sparrow / finch. It was bright yellow in color with a whiteish light grey colored cap. This secondary colour ran down its back and it's tail was the same whiteish grey colour. It had pink colored legs and a very short beak. At first I thought it was an escaped canary but it was too big for that and it's call was totally different. Any info would be appreciated  

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Are there any experts out there who are familiar with these damn orange bugs, harvest mites, (Aoutards), that are making our cats lives a misery?  I know this subject has been discussed on other Angloinfo forums, and no doubt on this one some time ago but it's still a nightmare to manage.  We have a large compost heap underneath a splendid fig tree, behind our house, and sadly, by some accounts, it appears the harvest mites are breeding there.  Our 7 kitties tend to use this area as their bathroom so they're reinfected each time they visit.  We've been using Stronghold, on vet advice, every 3-4 weeks on the kitties, to no avail, and now the vet suggests Advocate which isn't proving very helpful either.  I'm going to take the youngsters to the vet for a shot of cortisone to ease the itching and to see if the vet can take off any orange nests between toes and in the folds of the ears, I can't keep up with it.  Normally the harvest mite season lasts for a few weeks but I'd guess with our mild winter they're thriving and continuing on this year.  Our mum cat and her 3 kids have been itching madly since the end of last summer despite rigorous treatment.   Does anyone know for sure if compost heaps are responsible breeding grounds for these damn things?  If so, we'll have to get rid of it.  Some say soft fruits are responsible but the fig only produces at end of summer, August - Sept., so I'm not convinced by this thinking.  Are there any treatments that people have found effective on cats, our little tabby is allergic and I see her dermatitis on the face is recurring and going septic.  Vets are making so much money out of us with these things! Any expertise??

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Just popping down from Poitou-Charentes to let you know that a new Facebook group has been formed to bring together animal lovers who would like to help out at their local animal refuge. If you already volunteer for your local animal refuge, or are interested in joining others in helping by walking the dogs or cuddling cats or by collecting and delivering much needed food and bedding, please join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/433692586732464/ We plan to develop the network and there will be a website in the New Year with lots of information about volunteering, fostering and where you can make a difference, so if you don't use facebook but are interested in being involved, please get in touch, letting us know how you'd like to help.

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Hi im trying to sell my horse but I need someone who can translate my advert into French the must have knowledge of horse terms can anyone help if so please email me at zippysrevenge@live.co.uk Thanks Michelle

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Hi, I am looking to get my 6 months old labrador trained. Can anyone recommend and English speaking trainer? Thank you for your help

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Hi all I'm posting this on behalf of a lady on AngloInfo Brittany, hoping that some kind souls may be able to contribute a small amount towards an operation for an abandoned cat. See here for details: http://brittany.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/222662/0/injured-cat-dilema/ Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best wishes. Linda W

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Our chihuahua girl requires the attention of a small chihuahua boy, she is in season now and will be ready for mating the end of this week, 27th to 29th April. If anybody knows of a handsome, good natured suitor please get in touch.

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Hi all, we will be holidaying in Le Rouret for the month of July.  We're driving down from the UK along with our dog (Molly the labradoodle) and would really welcome any and all thoughts and suggestions regarding places to take her while we're in the area.  Friends insist that French restaurants allow dogs - true or false?! (We live in London where this would be a definite no-no so I can't quite believe it!)  Are there many dog-friendly beaches in the area or good rivers to visit?  I think we back on to national park land so local walks should be sorted, but as I say all tips and hints very gratefully received. Many thanks Kath

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6 goats free to a good home - currently living in La Garde Freinet. Move back to UK means that the goats need to relocate.  Great for debroussailage, very friendly. Please call me on +44 7748 762211 or e-mail if interested.  

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Lost green Meyers bird, last seen in villeneuve loubet area near the forest of parc vaugrenier ! His name is Charlie, it's raining so much today and the poor thing needs to be found soon. Any help would be very welcome, please help contact forevasmilling@me.com thanks so much for any info amy 

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We have lost our little Jack Russell. White and Tan, short and stocky litte chap. Answers to Benji Wearing a black rope weaved collar with a bell on it. Last seen racing out the gate in St Cezaire sur Siagne, but probably in the Le Tignet/ Peymeinade area Please call 0624824870 or email aaronu@sfr.fr or xaxau@sfr.fr  

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I have a well behaved French Bulldog that I walk on a leash. He won't do his business, which I always pick up, on pavement. He needs grass, or dirt, or rocks. I hold on to the leash, and he walks on the grass. Today I got scolded by a "garden police" officer in Nice for having him on the grass.  I've looked everywhere, and I can't find what the rules are, or who these garden police are. Can anyone help me understand what the rules are for dogs to walk around leashed on grass in the parks in Nice?

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  From time to time I get nests in my pines of these dangerous catterpillars. This year I have a few and they are breaking through just now. I got a dog last year and am terrified she will come accross them. I have put a number of measures in place ( pieges, glue etc) but still I worry some will get through. Obviously, if she touches one, the first thing I will do is rush her off to the vet, but my nearest vet is 40 minutes away! Can anyone tell me what I should do for her in the immediate aftermath of contact with these little devils. Has anyone been through this and knows what I should do? Any stories would help me, thank you Giulietta

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