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I have a dog, that is 7 month old that I want to give to a nice family. The dog is a mixture between a Labrador and a Golden and a male. It is very nice and kindly dog. Reason is that we are moving to another country where it is no so easy to have the dog. Call 0033614299687, we are living near Valbonne. Harek Skotnes

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We promote sterilizations as they help to control the pet population which, in our area as in most areas, far surpasses the number of homes willing to accept pets. We are against the breeding of pets for the same reason: they throw more and more animals on a saturated market.  People who have recently mentioned on these forums their dismay at what they have seen in local pet shops are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of the exploitation in this industry.There's an interesting perspective on all this at www.spotsociety.org/fatedog.html"It also reminds us how important it is to keep our animals identified with tags or tatoos (the chip may soon lose its licence to be marketed in France due to side effects and ineffectiveness). Gisele, at the SPACA refuge in Vence, originally founded to house a maximum of 40 dogs, and which usually houses around 100, has recently been inundated by puppies from an illicit puppy mill, busted by the police in Villeneuve Loubet.   Another consequence of the animal industry.  For anyone who might give a home to one of these puppies, the refuge is open every afternoon, best is to go, as they often don't have time to answer the phone... The Friends of Guenady Janne

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We are going on holiday and urgently need a good, friendly, English speaking cattery for our 10 year cat from 15th May until 25/26 May. Can anyone either help or recommend one? We live in Menton. Best wishes Jenny Wren Jenny Wren

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Does anyone have any experience of the two verterinary hospitals - one is in Toulon and I have heard of another but don't know much about it, in Marseille. In particular I am interested in anyone who has had their dogs operated on at either place... Dawn

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just wondering because the dog food i've found in france is rubbish. (even the ones in the vets offices) i've been feeding my dog wellness super5mix (which doesn't have any of the rendered animals/bi-products/roadkill, flea collars, plastic bags, fillers, chemicals, etc. etc.) and cannot find the equivalent here. thanks for any ideas. L

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To all regular readers of AI He has really fell out with me now . . . . . . . you know what I mean . . . . . . . . . . i feel so guilty . . . .  though im told its for the best . . . . . . . . . i just had to tell everyone . . . . . .   Regards, Les

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Female Blue-Cream Longhair cross of about 4 yrs old. She has been sterilised. She is very affectionate, calm, and playful. Perfect for anyone wanting a less frisky and troublesome cat. She is fine with any other animals apart from cats! If you're interested email me and i'll send you photos.                                                                                  (Reason we're giving her away is because of problems with cats - she chased ours into the pool the other day...)Luckily she doesn't do that to humans!                                                                                  Please help, we really can't keep her! Annie

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To give away A female Blue-Cream Longhair cross of about 4 yrs old. has been sterilised. She is very affectionate, calm, and playful. Perfect for anyone wanting a less frisky and troublesome cat. She is fine with any other animals apart from cats! If you are interested reply to the message leaving your email address and i will send you photos. Annie

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I have found a white haired, very light blue eyed, two month old cat in the country starving with the rest of his family. I am taking care of him at the moment, for he is in good health but needs lots of food and 8 extra days of antibiotics in his fragile eyes. You can join me on the : 04 93 44 56 74 or 06 60 23 22 72. Waiting for the best loving family to take over...!!! michèle

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I'm looking for a kitten (preferably female) that is ready to give away around now. Preferably long-haired or semi (to replace one like this) but short hair is good too! Very grateful to anyone replying =) Thanks     Annie

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I'm posting on behalf of a friend in Mouans Sartoux. She has 2 stripey, grey, male kittens to find homes for. The kittens are ready to go in 2 weeks. To date they have been well cared for and regularly handled within a busy family so are well adapted to human company. If you are interested e-mail me and I will let you have Sophie's home phone number.   Nona

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I will be arriving in Cannes on a perm. basis July of this year and would like a small white dog - not bothered as to the pedigree just want a companion dog - dog or pup - not a problem. Anne

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Being a responsable sort of girl, I've just made an appointment with my vet to have my 2 kittens sterilized nzxt month. I have one of each, a girl and a boy and was just wondering if anybody can tell me roughly how much this is going to cost. (I forgot to ask the vet and they are very busy so I don't like to disturb them again!) Thanks a lot Vics x

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Anyone who knows me, knows I am an avid horse rider  - having brought over from the UK my trusty Thoroughbred who lives at home with us... For those of us with or without horses, who like to ride - I have found, by complete chance a fantastic, relatively new, place to ride....and afterwards you can have a lovely meal in their restaurant. La Bastide Saint Louis is located in Caussols - the rides vary between 1, 2 (20-30 euros) and the giant 5 hours ride (60 Euros) we did at the weekend.   The horses are lovely, well kept, sensible, but beautifully trained - capable of taking a novice (as long as they can walk trot and canter) but a great ride for the more experienced. We explored some fantastic countryside, top to bottom of huge hills, cantering along the edge of hay fields - the wild flowers were truly amazing. Afterwards, we enjoyed a three course meal for 20 euros, plus the hosts' home made pate - it probably negated the calories we burnt off on the ride... Anyway - if anyone is interested, they can call the very lovely Stephane on 04 93 09 29 70 to book. You can find the place on the main road between St Vallier d Thiey and Gourdon.   Stephane's Mother does B & B for 20 euros - so if you feel a little weary or sozzled after dinner you can rest up in more up market accomodation than your horses stable!   Dawn

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Has anyone seen the horrific sight of a circus parading tigers in cages on trucks to try and get people to go to their circus.  I drove past a hot tar carpark the other day and saw a hippo in a tiny inclosure on the floor.  I am not quite sure why anybody would want to take their kids to witness such an atrocity.  Are there any animal rights campaigners that would know of how to get these people closed down?  I feel so helpless as I can't speak French yet and don't have much money and don't know any people to start protests...I don't know what to do.  It is just too awful.  Does anyone feel the same way?   Also I read on this site a couple of weeks ago of an English speaking girl who lives in Antibes who now does volenteer work for the dog shelter by sortie 44?  If you read this please can you e-mail me on katherine@angloinfo.com.   Thanks Katherine

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To give away A female Blue-Cream Longhair cross of about 4 yrs old. She has been sterilised and tatooed. She is very affectionate, calm, and playful. Perfect for anyone wanting a less frisky and troublesome cat. She is fine with any other animals apart from cats! If you are interested reply to the message leaving your email address and i will send you photos. Annie

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Free to good home! I have 3 beautiful half Siamese half Antibe bad boy kittens(guess it pays to howl at the door?)they are ready to go one is "Stuart Little" pure white (if you dressed him up you wouldnt tell the difference) the other a girl pure white exept a grey heart shape on her head (very fluffy and pretty) the last a boy, Sooty is pure black (he is very gentle and cute with big staring eyes) so if anyone out there is interested please let me know my place is a little small for 4 cats and 2 dogs!! they really are adorable 0493 34 26 37 or mobile 0677 55 82 13 or mobile 0609 09 90 68 Lynsey

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I have 4 kitten's that need a loving home.I am in connecticut. joanne

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We were adopted recently by a young tabby cat. After 4 weeks we tried letting her into the house but she chased our existing cat. She has a wonderful playful nature and would make an ideal companion. If anyone would like to give her a good home please let me know. I will deliver her anywhere. Thanks,   Mike, Fayence, Var

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8 month lab, needs home garden a must , children optional ( if pedigree chum not avalabile) ha ha  ok she likes kids as most labs do, current owner in flat and works and doggy fed up;;;; contact via E mail Tinker

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