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From the Friends of Guenady : One of our objectives being to further public awareness about animal welfare, we are pleased to present a translation, offered by Rosemary Matthews, of an article written by Christiane M. Haupt, a French student of veterinary medecine concerning the work experience (stage professionnel) she undertook in an abattoir, as a part of her studies. Rosemary tells us : The account contains three passages which I feel deserve to be singled out. They are brief but very powerful... One is when Christiane feels something rub against her and she turns to look into the eyes of a pig... The second is a particularly moving passage in which she speaks about a stricken cow which, too exhausted to move any further, has collapsed just short of the killing box. It lies there for hours and Christiane takes the time to stop and try to comfort it. She says that in that moment she learned that cows can cry. The cow's distress and Christiane's simple act of kindness at this point brought tears to my eyes... The third is the passage where Christiane describes another cow, its eyes filled with panic, being imprisoned in a box where it has a 'panoramic view' of its companions being skinned and cut into pieces... These three passages, I feel, deserve to be reproduced by themselves as excerpts. Perhaps as a means to introduce Christiane's article, or simply based on their own merits, as a short but effective message that the way these animals are treated has got to stop... Realistically, I believe it unlikely that public demand for meat will ever cease entirely, but at the very least, pressure should be brought to bear to change the present system of slaughter; the distress and trauma which these animals experience is unacceptable. The Friends of Guenady hope that in the long run the day will come when, as Leonardo de Vinci (a vegetarian) predicted, “men like me will look upon the murder of an animal the way people look today upon the murder of other people.” So, we also agree with Rosemary: '...the way these animals are treated has got to stop.' In accordance with Rosemary's wishes, we excerpt here following the three passages mentioned... The full article, in the original French as well as Rosemary's translation, can be read on our site : www.stop-abus-animal.com, under the heading Bulletin. Thank you, Rosemary! Excerpts from : An eyewitness account by a student of veterinary medicine on a training course in an abattoir. Lived and written by Christiane M. Haupt ...From behind, something rubs against me at the level of my knees; I turn around and see two bright blue eyes. I know many animal lovers who enthuse about the deep sentiments one can read in the eyes of a cat, or the unfailingly loyal and faithful regard in the eyes of a dog. But who talks about the intelligence and curiosity that one can perceive in the eyes of a pig? Soon, I would learn to know these eyes, but in another manner: struck dumb with fright, overcome with pain, then emptied; drained, broken, rolling on the blood-stained floor. ...If I had to portray in images the concept of “fear”, I would do so by drawing the pigs huddled up against one another in front of the closed door, and I would draw their eyes. I will never be able to forget their eyes. The eyes that each one of us who wants to eat meat should be made to look at... ...I would like to talk about the slaughter of the cows, their soft, brown eyes, filled with panic. Their attempts to escape, of all the blows and the curses, until the miserable beast is finally imprisoned behind the iron bars and double-locked door of the pen, with a panoramic view onto the hall where the cow's unfortunate companions are being skinned and cut into pieces. Then the approach of death; a chain is hooked around a hind leg and in the moment that follows, the animal tries vainly to free itself. Even as it lunges upwards, its head is severed. The stream of blood which spurts in profusion from the headless body even as the hooves draw themselves up... ...I now have the certainty that no god can exist because no lightning came down from the sky to punish the crimes committed down here, crimes which will be perpetuated interminably. Nor to soothe the thin and pitiful cow which, when I arrived at 7 o'clock in the morning, was dragging herself along, at the limit of her strength, exhausted by her desperate efforts in the glacial corridor, full of draughts. Too exhausted to go on, she had collapsed just in front of the killing box. For her, there is no god, nor anyone else, to give her a small tap on the head to help her out of her suffering. Before that could be done, they had to deal with the rest of the animals destined for slaughter. When I left at midday, she was still lying there, shivering. Despite repeated instructions, no one had come to deliver her. So I loosened the halter which was pitilessly strangling her flesh and I stroked her forehead. She looked at me with her huge eyes and I learned then, in that moment, that cows can cry... ...I leave without a backwards glance because I have borne witness and, at present, I want to try to forget and to continue to live. It is to others to fight now; myself, it is my strength, my will, and my joy of living that have been taken away from me and replaced by a sentiment of guilt and paralysing sadness. Hell is amongst us, thousands and thousands of times, day after day. There is one thing left however, and for ever, for each one of us to do. Say, “No! No! No and no again!” Janne

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