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Hi We lost our lovely little grey & white 6 month old girl chihuahua on Saturday night in Antibes at around 8pm.Near the Antibes end of Route St Jean, we all searched for hours and the weekend, reported her missing to the police who said someone would have her and hopefully take her to a vet to find our information on her chip.Not so far, please if anyone knows where she is or sees her, please contact her, my son is very very upset she is gone.She is very sociable and would have run up to say Hello to the first people she saw i the street. Many thanks Maggie

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Does anyone have an idea of where to go please.

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Our cat brought in a nestling this morning, still blind and very young...its in good condition though and has managed to survive a few hours now tucked away but I'd like to find someone that could advise or care for it properly (can't find where the nest was to try to return it!). Any suggestions would be appreciated....

started by: Lopez-517464 · last update: 1460700944 · posted: 1459148577

I lost my dog last night in Le Rouret.  She is called Bella and looks like a red fox.  If you find her Please callLouise 06 26 13 63 32.  Where is the nearest refuge please

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I'm trying to find an English speaking vet in Opio. Any replies would be appreciated.

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  Hello,       I am looking for a dog sitter living in the Monaco , Roquebrune, Cap DAil or Beausoleil area   to petsit  my five year old female English Bulldog at their home  when I have to travel for short periods .        She is a very docile and calm dog , and she loves cuddles and company    I would like to find someone based locally  so I may also  drop her off in the morning on my way to work in Monaco and collect her after work when needed.   I am happy to pay very good rates for  the right person    Please reply to my message directly     Many thanks, Brooke  

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Can you recommend a dog sitter in Nice? We need somebody to wee and walk our two pups tomorrow during the day.  They are english cocker spaniels aged 15 months and 7 months.  We live near the liberation market.  The dogs will be left around 830am and are ok for a few hours on their own but we will be out all day so they will need two walks - at lunchtime and again mid afternoon - at a minimum.  If you could recommend somebody you have used, I would be very grateful.  Please email me k.hopkins@hotmail.co.uk.  Thanks  

started by: MKO-205471 · last update: 1458776453 · posted: 1127142379

Our normal dog sitter is away, and we need urgently a loving for a 3 year old (male and muted) jack russell terrier from Thursday afternoon (22nd of September) to the following Monday, at your place. He is fun loving and likes children. We live in Monaco and work in Nice. Please let me know if you could help out? Thank you, Mette  

started by: abarrett19@hotmail.co.uk · last update: 1458670936 · posted: 1458670936

I am looking for someone to feed my cat twice a day/ empty litter tray from 15-18 April.  I live in La Garde Freinet.

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Hello, people! Is there anybody who has some kittens to give away? Or a friend, or friend's friend? Preferably not much older than 3 months, male as we already have our Frank (very friendly, europeen breed, 18 months, black), mixed breed or none at all. Thanks in advance. <3  

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I am living in Antibes for 6 weeks with my little beagle/Jack Russell mix and want to go to Dublin for a few days while I'm here.  I'm looking for someone to take care of my dog at their house.  I'd like someone who is home most of time as she does not like to be left alone too long and might do better if only dog.  

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Please alert bird-lovers you know, especially cockatoo devotees.  This endangered species parrot has been loose in Beaulieu/Cap Ferrat area for several days.  ****

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We have a 15 week-old female puppy that we´re looking for a GREAT home for! She´s very gentle, extremely loyal and simply loving. She would be great in a family where there´s maybe another dog (preferably male), because she was raised with 14 other pups and two moms and used to alot of action. She´s also super with children. It´s so important for us that she finds a really good family that has time for her and is loving, because she´s such a sweetheart. The puppy is fawn-colored, smooth haired, very slender with big black eyes. She weighs about 11 kilos. Her Mom is a small great dane mix, the Dad is an English setter. Both slender and about knee high.  It´s hard for us to give her up, but we have the two mom dogs and two pups already, and she simply isn´t getting the love that she deserves. If you have time for a dog and a yard and maybe another dog already and are interested in seeing her, give me a call at 04 93 42 17 36. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ We´re also trying to find a good home for this puppy´s mom, who´s 1 1/2 yrs. old. Ideally, we´d ideally like to find a home for the two together. But if this isn´t possible, we´d also be willing to separate them.  You can see the ad about the mom with the topic title: "1 1/2 yr. old female dog......." Liz Sinnott

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Hi everyone.. I noticed that many of you need care for you animal over the holidays. Well, I am staying in Nice until after the holidays. I am very responsible and love animals... I hope that i can find someone the same... I am traveling for business Jan 4-10th and would be willing to help you over the holidays if someone can help me Jan 4-10th 2006. I have a small sweet indoor clawless female feline. She is really sweet and loves people... Especially sitting on your lap... Let me know if you know anyone who may be interested.Thanks to all...

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We finally went ahead and got a Fox Terrier, but going on the advice we have received, really think we should take him to training school. Can anyone recommend one in the Antibes/Juan Les Pins area? And what is a good age to start him? He is almost 3 months old ( and sooo adorable!!) Thank you

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Hello, does anybody know a good address to buy parrots? You don't see them often in the animal shops here. cheers

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Im looking for two tabby cats to live together. Have big garden. Must get on with dogs. Hayley

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Does anyone require a pet sitter for 2 weeks in April/May time, I live as a guardian in the Ariege but want to holiday out of the area, but prior to my arrival in France, 6 months ago, I was working for Guide Dogs For The Blind as a trainer and mobility instructor for 20 years, so I not only have consideration and kindness to give animals but I am very trustworthy and reliable, please get in touch if you think this would suit you, and I can give you a call to discuss further, many thanks sleepywhippet

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they are back early this year few nests have been seen in Antibes for people how dosen't know them they are deadly to animals

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I've been offered a puppy of this breed but don't know this dog at all. Google search reveals it's a descendant of the Roman hunting dogs and has a lot of boxer characteristics. Anybody had one of these dogs? Important for me is if it gets on well with cats since I have 2 males who are very frightened of dogs of any kind (got them from a shelter for mainly dogs). Thanks for any info on what seems to be lovely breed of dog.

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