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I'm looking for a small bird, something similar to a parakeet (I'm unfamiliar with the breeds available here). Can anyone recommend a good place to find one in the Cannes/Le Cannet area, where a small bird won't cost a small fortune? I was fortunate enough to find a reasonably-priced cage here on AI and would like to get a bird for hubby's b-day. We always 'birdiesit' thru the month of August and really miss the beautiful singing in the mornings. A great way to start the day! Alternatively, has anyone got one they'd like to find a good home for? Thanks all! -Kim

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two black striped kittens are now six weeks old, litter trained and eating wet and dry food. Cuddly, mischevious and very fast, they need a loving family environment with or without a garden. Call Donna in Valbonne 06 98 79 72 58 DD

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Hi does anybody know whether i need a dog passport to take my cocker by car to Spain, and any vaccinations? Thanks Tara.

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Hi All, I am looking to secure two rabbit hutches for Rosy and Darling. They are presently living in two travel boxes and this is wholly unsuitable. We have trawled the garden centres and DIY stores with no success any suggestions? Please e-mail comostone@hotmail.com Colin McKenna

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We have a Gecko that has decided to live in our shed.  Anyone know how we can get him out?  We emptied the shed, swept his pooh up and  tried blocking the holes up when we thought he was out.  But he has still got in there again. We don't really want to leave him there all summer until we go back in october as it could start smelling with the hot sun on the shed. Any ideas?

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Please call 0632 37 41 85 if you can give a good home to a sensitive little dog! Thanks =) id # 3875624810875

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I can't believe it ...that awful circus that was in Cannes has returned to Antibes...it's horrific to see those animals in their cages...last time they were in cannes they were keeping a hippo on dried cement in the boiling heat.... My blood just boils.  Last night some friends of mine were beaten with iron bars near one of the circus tents...the doctor at the hospital says she thinks they must have been mistaken for animal activists.............. is there nothing that can be done about these animals.  I feel sick to my stomach thinking of the suffering they must have to endure. Katherine

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I am collecting our puppy tomorrow, and have down loaded lots of information on caring and training the pup, from a fantastic site from the blue cross.  But it doesn't go into great detail about feeding, I have bought puppy complete food, and know they have to have lots of water with this, but can he eat our left overs.  He is a French hunting dog, and roughly 10 weeks old.  Really kind of you to help Debbie.

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Hi there! Does anyone know if there is anyway to stop my cats scratching furniture to bits?! They have vast amounts of space outside, but insist on coming in to have a good scratch... No amount of telling off helps, they just do it when my back is turned... I know you cant really train cats, but is there some smell that might deter them? Tx

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Does anyone know a good place to leave my cat for a holiday whilst I go away??. 

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YOUNG DOG SEEKING LOVING FAMILYDue to unforeseen circumstances, and for the well being of our dog (we are living in a flat), we are seeking caring and loving family who will take care of him during the years to come.Major, borne on Feb 7, 2002 (17 months)Breed: cross Labrador – GriffonBlack, short hairVaccination up to date + TattooedMajor is playful, loving and needs plenty of exercise. He is very good with childrenA contribution to the vet costs to date would be appreciated (150 euros ?)Contact Catherine or Patrick : 04 93 47 09 03 or catherinepardini@wanadoo.fr

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Hello, I am moving in SIngapore so I have to give to someone who will care of him my Amstaff Drago, a beautifull male - 10 years old Tatoo: WVY869. Cheers, François BELOTMobile:0629020634

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I am searching for breeders of soft coated wheaten terriers based on the cote d'azur. Does anyone know of any????yvonne

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we're looking for a puppie boxer! or a cross House with a garden and a loving family! thanks to replie by mail odesanchez4@hotmail.com

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Hi, Im looking for someone to look after my Shitsu George from Wednesday 9th-Sunday 13th March. Preferably someone living near Nice Port. Also i will be looking for someone to take him for a few hours  on occasions when Im working and don't want to leave him alone too long. Must be someone who loves dogs and can be relied upon. He has a great nature with lots of personality and is really good around kids. Please get in touch and few can meet up and meet George and discuss. My phone number is 0678634145. Regards, Sean.

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Hello, My wife Marilyn is planning to do French classes at Alliance Francaise in Nice in January or February. She will need someone to look after our one year old poodle (Rocky) in the mornings. He is very friendly and likes other dogs. He needs company and we cannot leave him on his own. Marilyn could drop him and collect him, or rendezvous with you. We would of course pay for this service. The course starts at 9am finishes at 1pm Monday to Friday. Is anyone able to help with this? Thanks Hugh (Mobile: +44 791 8164016)

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Hello !   I love animals and I know how difficult is to find someone to trust to take care of our pets when we need to travel.   Please contact me, I will be happy to take care of your cat, dog, fish, flowers...   Jesse +33/ (0)6 21 12 30 00

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Does anyone know how one would go about organising a flight for a dog from France to the UK? She has a passport already, but we don't know what to do next.  Thank you.

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Hi, I know as a pet owner leaving your beloved pooch is hard, however i have a fabulous dog sitter that i'd like to recommendation. If you'd like the details please send me a message,  leaving my 3 dogs was blissful even if when I went to pick them up they didnt want to leave!!!!!  Fifi 

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Have you always wished you could have your own horse but the vastness of such an undertaking fill you with misgivings? I would like to take another horse in livery so to speak, a symbiotic arrangement here where we live in good riding countryside. We live close to the A8 motorway, and yet far enough out to have great riding. We already have two happy forward going Spanish mix geldings . They are adapted to living out with a very comprehensive three sided shelter ..on wood chipped night paddock and hillside freedom in the day, with room to express themselves and gallop if they wish.. We clean the night paddock area of manure and  have two boxes for extreme weather. This manner of keeping horses 'climatised' is the way they are kept the world over, and seems to be the preferred method of this region with the rural people we know.. and works very well for the animals themselves. V I have for ten years offered riding to an established group of friends who donate towards the cost of their keep (per ride, so no set amount or obligation).. and our friendly symbiotic group keep them well excersised.Insurance is easy to cover here with the French system of renewable 'licence' like a driving licence but no exam to take! which covers the rider and the horse alike for the nominal fee of 45€ a year. However my dear little horse is getting on. While I keep an eye out for new friends to join our group as a rider all the time, as everyone is busy and have differing schedules, I am also putting out feelers to find someone to bring me one more horse to join this contented situation.. so that Leo can take only my smaller friends.   Would it interest you ?able to ride when you like, and enjoy the countryside here, and also give the horse balanced Equine company in a spacious  environment with level headed care and enough excersise when one works or travels,  as we do. In return for eventually sharing your horse with myself /and.. at your discretion of  course, your selected  ( mostly English speaking ) our riders whome you might ride your horse ,with and get to know..I would be asking a very low livery fee into the bargain, just enough to cover feed and more manure collecting.. Im a great believer in voice and the phone, so please id be happy to speak on the phone with you and answer questions or queries or even simply  an 'I wish chat!' or if you'd like to join my team of riders.. I speak fluent French and my hubby if french, we live near the St.Tropez-turn-off from the A8, Exit 36  which , though a little way from all that calls itself 'La cote D'azur' is worth the distance for the symbiotic, trust related, un-complicated and uncostly ridng situation we have going here.. where horses are happy. I can supply photos and

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