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Andalusian stallion available for lease for 6-12 month.  Due to renovating our house and just not having enough time to ride him I've decided to lease him until I can give him the attention he needs!  He is 6 years old, approx. 1.68 m tall, with a lot of potential in dressage! But he still has a lot to learn so needs an experienced rider! for further details, please just send an email to: melinayasmin@aol.com

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just wondering if anyone knows of any stockists that sell raw dog food, I live in England at the moment and feed my dogs Natural Instinct but wondered if I could get it or the same in France as I will be moving there

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Our lovely maine coone cat Jasper has gone missing in the Californie area of Cannes.  He is a large black and grey tabby long-hair with very distinctive "lynx" ears; looks a bit scary, but he is very friendly.  Welcome any news of sitings or if he has wandered into anyone's garden or garage. TVM, Andy e-mail: rawcliffes@btinternet 

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We perminantly look for confident riders to tack up and ride out with our two Geldings..and already have a few but just now need more as everyone leads busy lives.. us included. Of course we show you how it all works and its easy and relaxed. We are just in the Var.. get in touch and Ill send you all the details.

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  Can anyone recommend a good dog groomer for a cairn terrier please? I need one who does epilation and where I will be allowed to stay. Sadly the great groomer we use just now are closing soon. Preferably near Grasse, Cannes or Antibes.

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Hi. Does anyone know where I could buy a Labrador puppy or young dog? I have searched on line but can't find any breeders locally. I would prefer to buy a family raised puppy and not go anywhere near a 'puppy farm'. Perhaps someone in the area has a new litter or is thinking about having one? we have owned three labs in the past so are experienced. We have a large, flat garden and work from home. Thank you for your help.

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The refuge Duflos at Antibes is holding an open day on Sunday 6th December, with adoption of dogs and cats, a flea market, a tombola and a plant stall. The refuge is suituated at chemin des Terriers, behind Habitat.  

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Hello to all Dachshund lovers we are a small group of Dachshund friends . We meet and walk together .  If you want to join us , you are welcome   

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After years of reading their broadsheet at the local Vets and passing them by en route to somewhere, I plucked up the courage to visit AVSA, our local refuge. What was I scared of?Not knowing what I'd find at the end of the track? A heavy sell or feeling of obligation to rescue a poor, badly treated dog? I'm so glad I went. The refuge is well placed, clean, very well run by kindly people (you can tell, the doggies love them) and that day there were several people like me just visiting or taking dogs for walks close by. Everyone smiled, the workers were highly approachable but not in the least pushy or judgemental. You're free to come and go, walk dogs or just visit. And above all, the dogs seemed as happy in their roomy cages as they could be. I took OH the next time, having left my heart in at least 5 cages, and we walked a couple of inmates who behaved very well. One elderly poodle, who comes with the Brigiite Bardot Foundation's 30 Million d'Amis funding of 600 euros against vet bills, took our interest and we went back to visit him on Saturday. Unfortunately for him there was another that took our hearts, and she's been here, as good as gold, ever since. The cats are getting used to her... You don't have to adopt, but just visiting them is wonderful therapy if you feel a bit down. Don't drive past next time, pop in and stroke a muzzle.

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HI   Are you going away for xmas and new year and need a resposible animal/ house sitter in the Monaco, nice area?  I am availabke for those dates. I am a single, 35 year old female who will be inbetween jobs at that time so will be free all day to look after your fur babies or keep your house in order.    Please feel free to call me on 0786370879

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HI I'm looking for someone to look after my mini dachshund from 12th December for 2/3 weeks...I am in Villeneuve Loubet so looking for someone in this area...Hes very low maintenance and good with other animals. PLease contact me with your details and cost by email...lisabrookes1@aol.com    Thanks

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Hello! We are moving from UK to Monaco at the begining of the next year.I have started to look on internet for the stables around Monaco but get a bit confused-only information I have found was in this discussion but it was some years old so not sure it is useful. I have a 8 year old gelding and doing a bit of a showjumping and dressage in an amateur level.Looking for a nice stables around Monaco in maximum one hour driving distance and english speaking staff. Would be very thankful for some contacts:) Thank you in advance! Agnese  

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My dalmatian is 16 and a half years old and we had to visit uk for a month in October. I searched high and low for a kennels near Grasse that would care for her ( and for all my anxieties about leaving her!) I visited loads of places, but finally found a french 'pension familiale' at St Cezaire near st Valliers de Thiey which is just  behind Grasse and is just marvellous. Private house with just 3 beatifully constructed dog boxes with runs and also large enclosed area for free running, exercise. Nothing was too much trouble. They built a sand ramp to the kennel for my arthritic dog and installed a heater in the box for her for the colder nights (before I had paid out any money), simply because they could see how anxious I was! They even emailed me pics and an update while we were away to reassure me. Martine Giaccone, the owner, has two dogs of her own and is the most gentle and caring lady I have ever met. She speaks little English, but if anyone needs somewhere safe, secure and caring for their dog then I can't reccomend her highly enough. . After a month away I came back and collected a calm, content old dalmatian from Martine and would have no hesitation in returning her there again. Interested for your dog?       Email me for Martine's  details

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I and looking for a cat loving kind person to look after my adored Ragdoll cat for a week! She is loving and kind to all including children and dogs alike! Great company!  short notice but I'm desperate and would hate to see her in a cage, she is fully vaccinated chipped! can you help? From this Saturday! Please call me if you have a suggestion! 0493580486  Åsa Hanna

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We just relocated to Nice with our one year old Golden Retriever/ Standard Poodle mix. We are planning on taking some trips during my partners holiday from MBA school and we are looking for a reliable and caring dog sitter/dog boarding place for these times. Any recommendations would be appreciated.  Thank you so much! Jen

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Dear all, the Chats du Mercantour cat association desperately need a new volunteer to help post ads on AngloINFO and the French Riviera Animals Facebook group. We are inundaded with cats and kittens needing rehoming and we are up to our eyes in work. We ideally need someone who can speak both English and French. I also take this opportunity to ask anyone interested in fostering or doing home check for us to get in touch with me. Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you Serena 0631542093 Les Chats du Mercantour http://www.leschatsdumercantour.com

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My young male (neutered) ragdoll cat disappeared on Saturday evening. All the cats were out and gradually came back but he did not. OH spent half the night looking for him and most of yesterday, no cat.  He's a home bod, loves being right next to us. Normally a bit shy of strangers if they try to pick him up, but it seems that one did and he's gone. I've contacted the local refuge, the vet, the Municiple Police and placed a notice on chat-perdu.org Can anyone think of anything else I can do / contact ? I've already made posters for gate posts and flyers for my neighbours' PO boxes. Totally distraught – I hand-reared this adorable laddie, he's our baby...

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Hello! I have noticed that a Border Collie cross has been left outside ever since I arrived in Mandelieu 2 weeks ago. I can see it from my balcony. It has no shelter, no bed and is outside in the yard all the time by itself. I can see a bowl which is presumably for water, I don't see anything for where he/she is eating. There are at least 3 Articles of the Animal Protection laws that are being violated. Do I call the police or is there an animal agency that I should contact? Thank you in advance for any advice, Anne :)      

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Dear all I have a cat in my garden that would like to stay but I do not like cats. So I contacted (SPA) Societe Protectrice Des Animaux. They say I must take the cat to Police Nationale and then Police nationale will dellver the cat to them. However Police National told me the cat should be on the street.  I am getting fed up with this and I want to do the right thing. So if somebody like cats and would like a cat they can contact me and I will send a photo. Otherwise I will have no alternative but to take the cat leave it on thje street far from my home.   Please contact me on mwfm2@hotmail.com and I will send a photo. Regards Woodrow

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I am loking for osmeone to come to my house in Grasse and take some time with my new rescue dog who gets very stressed when left for too long. I have two other dogs too who will beneifit from the visit but the priority is for my nervous new little chap. The main dates will be 3 days in september and possible one day a week after that . Thank you

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