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Hi Does anyone know of a nice person/family in Vence (or nearby area) that will look after a small dog in their own home?  Many thanks  Julia 

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Could anyone please give me some recommendations for a good professional cattery where our two colourpoints will be secure and well looked after!  Won't need to use the cattery until May next year, but would like to make an advance booking!!" Many thanks.

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hello im looking fir someone that is use to large dogs - he has a wonderful temperament but is a big dog - around 50 kg and we would need him to be walked they day of our wedding . would not need to be long just so I know he is taken care of - do you have any tips on we're I can find a great dog walker ? much appreciated 

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Hi, I am looking for someone to look after my king charles dog.19 oct to 2 nov,she is a loving, fun ( neutered) family dog.I live in beausoleil on the monaco border.

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Does anyone know the correct procedure for taking a cat home to the UK? Thanks

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Our small, white Maltese fled from our garden on the night of July 16th in the area of font de cuberte in Valbonne. She is micro-chipped with the number - 900164000789084 and answers to "Lady". A reward is on offer for her safe return. A picture can be seen here - http://riviera.angloinfo.com/classifieds/viewclassified/627429/missing-dog-valbonne Thanks.

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A friend and supporter of Cahors Dog Refuge has contacted me and many other people with a plea for help. I hope we can use the power of the internet to help find a 6 year old, spayed Chow Chow bitch (distinctive breed with red shaggy coat and black tongue) which was stolen from her owners' Cornish holiday garden just over a year ago.  Recent information has come to light in Ireland which suggests that she may now have been adopted by people living in France - possibly Dordogne area and who may be unaware that she had been stolen.  Information suggests a wealthy family with an interest in distinctive dog breeds.   Her English owners are Janet and Paul Jurczuk of Derbyshire and they remain desperate to find her and bring her home whilst offering a substantial reward for her recovery. Lexie is microchipped throgh PETRACC in the UK - number 97720000747382  There is a Facebook page for full details https://www.facebook/pages/Help-find-LEXIE-the-Chow-Chow-Cornwall-UK/1406496592965042  Please mail all  your friends, tell Vets, Refuges, anyone who might help. She's out there somewhere!  Thank you.

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Has anyone used this kennel recently in Mougins?  I think it had some bad feedback a few years ago and wondering if it has changed.  Any comments gratefully received. 

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Hi, In October we are relocating to Mallorca to live. We want to take our Cocker Spaniel with us. Does anyone have any experience of this or, ideas for the best way to travel with our dog please?  

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Hello hello  As stated in my last topic my name is Sarah and I am a ballerina with les Ballest de Monte Carlo.  I have a soon to be one year old female cat who needs a loving sitter. Her name is Miley. She loves attention, lazy afternoons, independancy, cuddles and just to add-absolutely adorable. Our season will be coming to an end as of July 26 and I will be returning home to Toronto Canada for a 4 week vacation in August. I am looking for someone that would be willing to take care of her while I'm away as her regular sitter will also be away during this time.  There are many options as my one bedroom fully furnished apartment will be available too. I have no problem to let her stay in your own place for the 4 weeks. I also am willing to rent out my apartment with Miley for the month. Unfortunately, I'm not looking for someone coming to just feed her once or twice a day. She is used to people and families and I would much prefer to have her stay with someone who could look after her.  My email again is clarksarah28@hotmail.com. I hope to hear from you soon so we can discuss further details. We both would be so grateful for your kindness and help.  all the very best  Sarah and Miley 

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I have just completed a 7month process of sending my dog from France to Australia.The process was lengthy, costly and frustrating, and the French Government Officials were difficult to deal with.So to make life easier for the next person who would like to do the same, I have made a 3 page document including easy to follow instructions (in chronological order) and a list of important contacts to save you time & headaches!If you email me i can send you the complete document including contacts, but for angloinfo, here are the instructions:----- Dog Application Process - France to Australia Be prepared to pay high costs & for your pet to have many injections This process is listed in chronological order: 1. Make sure the dog has a European Pet Passport: You can get this from your private Vet. Make sure all details are accurate. 2. Keep up to date with all the dog's external & internal parasite treatment (flea/worm/heartworm) and document the date & type of treatment in their pet passport. 3. Make sure their Rabies Vaccination is up to date. If they haven't had one before, take them for the vaccination immediately because they will be eligible for export exactly 150days after the vaccination date. 4. When you receive the Rabies Results, take them to your private vet and get them to fill out, sign & date the RNATT form. 5. Scan the: Rabies Results, RNATT and Private Vet Dec as you will need to attach them to your online application. 6. Fill out the online application & attach the 3 documents stated above. 7. You will receive your Permit & Reference number via email a few days later. 8. You can now commence your travel arrangements. 9. Australian regulations require that you use a company to handle the freight requirements. When you choose your airline, ask them for their recommended animal freight company – it depends on the city you depart from. 10. For the freight company you will need to send them: Permit reference number, exact size of your Airline approved crate, exact size & weight of your dog and a scanned copy of all pages of their Pet Passport. 11. Book Tentative Quarentine Accomodation on the AQIS website: www.daff.gov.au/aqis/cat-dogs/accom 12. 30 (or less) before departure, take your dog to the vet to have blood tests for: Ehrlichiosis, Brucellosis, Leishmaniosis and Leptospirosis. 13. Between 1 year & 14days before departure make sure your dog has had the following general vaccinations against: Distemper, Infectious hepatitis, Canine Parvovirus (Parvo), Para-influenza and Bordetella Bronchiseptica (Kennel Cough). 14. Confirm Quarentine Accommodation. 15. 4 Days before departure take your dog to the vet for final treatment against internal/external parasites (worms & fleas). This MUST be within 4 days of departure. 16. Within 10 Days of departure, make an appointment with the Official Government Veterinarian. (Ideally an appointment directly after the private vet appointment for final treatments as stated above). Documents you will need: 1. Pet Passport 2. Information Package 4: http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/cat-dogs 3. Application for Permit to Import Quarantine Material (The Application can all be done online but its good to have a hard copy as reference): http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/cat-dogs/application 4. Private Veterinary Attendance and Treatment Declaration (AKA "Vet Dec" - This is something YOU sign to approve Vet Treatment in Australia) http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/cat-dogs/application/vet-dec 5. RNATT – Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test Declaration – (In French & English) http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/cat-dogs/application/rnatt-dec 6. Certificate A & B – in French & English (You will need to ask for this form from AQIS or the Official Govt. Vet office) Laboratory Results you will need scan: 1. Rabies (Test Date: At Least 150 Days before export date) 2. Ehrlichiosis (Test Date: No more then 30 days before export date) 3. Brucellosis (Test Date: No more then 30 days before export date) 4. Leishmaniosis (Test Date: No more then 30 days before export date) 5. Leptospirosis (Test Date: No more then 30 days before export date) -----Also, my private Vet who is based in Antibes, went through the whole process with me and was very patient & helpful. I can send you his details upon request.Bonne courage!!TJ

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we might consider to travel for several weeks and would need to find a temporary home for our most beloved cat. he is the most adorable and kind cat, yet has gotten used to be strolling around our property in Canne, enjoying the freedom of the garden and the shelter' of our house. is there a family, cat-home (not caged!) near or around Cannes (or even bit further), whereas suitable establishment can take in a cat, possibly allowing it to freely enjoy a house/stable and garden, maybe playing with other cats being cared for professional by people with a large heart? would be great if you could please reply directly to michael.lange.int13@gmail.com thanks a lot

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I have old towels, fleece blankets, duvets and pillows that I would like to donate to an animal refuge, can anyone tell me how to go about this? thank you

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Hello, I am looking for people who would like to walk dogs togheter. I have 3 months old (still a puppy) schnauzer minature that needs socialising. At this moment he is scared of other dogs so it is very important for me to indroduce him to other dogs. I live in Antibes so usually I go to the Parc de Vaugrenier or Valmasque, but I can also drive to other locations.  If anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks

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Hi everyone, Do you know any reliable dog sitter or maybe you are one? I have a 3 year old cocker spaniel, playful and energetic, great with other dogs, but not good at staying home alone so would need someone who is mostly at home or doesn't mind a bit of howling? I usualy pay 10 e per day, so if you are interested please send me an email. Thanksss

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Hello all animal lovers, Your advice please. It appears that I'm having a problem finding an 'ordinary' vet in Cannes. What I am finding are 'cabinets' of specialist professionals who recommend different treatments that are often quite expensive. Also am I wrong in feeling that the waiting areas are full of expensive animal products which they (I'm sorry)' push' as the solution to a simple problem.  One recent example:my cat ( not a breed, a moggie)developed  an allergy. I simply wanted a cortosone injection to get over the itching but instead I was directed towards specialist cat food and a skin test which even though I paid for, I am as yet waiting for the result. Please, I have nothing against vets nor do I hesitate paying them for their professional treatment and advice. I love my cats too much for that. Am I wrong or just getting too neurotic? Thanks Auberia

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Hello, I will be moving to Nice in the summer with my dog and I'm wondering what sort of flea/heartworm/sand fly/tick prevention is most commonly used there. If anyone who has a dog can let me know what your vet recommends, that would be super helpful. Thank you!

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Hi We're looking for a pet sitter for 25 - 31 May (and other future dates), Nice area preferred if possible.  We have two young, energetic border collies who would need regular exercise.  A house with an enclosed garden would be preferred but an apartment should be fine if they can be taken out regularly.  Please email me with prices and availability. Thanks 

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Hi  I am looking for an english speaking Vet. If anyone knows of one please email me . Thanks   

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Hello, We will be moving to the UK early July and bringing with us our 2 cats. Most likely flighting to Manchester. This is the first time we travel with them and I would like some advice. 1.-I have read that they will need a passport, vaccinations and chip. How long in advance do we need to do this? Is there a period after being vaccinated when they can't travel? 2.-Is it possible to bring them in the plane with us? I have read that for dogs is not possible and I wonder if this is a general rule for all pets. 3.-Can pets travel in trains? (in their transportation cage) We have to go from Manchester to Leeds by train afterwards. 3.-If you have done it before... do you have any advice on travel arrangements, etc...? Thanks in advance and have you all a lovely day. Petra

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