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anywhere in Nice or around for Hampster paper bedding ? once i bought in carrefour but they seem to have stopped 

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My association, Les Chats du Mercantour, is rescuing an older cat who is presently living in a miniscule cage in the pound.  I need to find a way to get her to Lingostière in Nice.  I've found someone who can bring her from Mandelieu to Lingostière but I need someone to bring her to Mandelieu.  I can have her brought to Le Muy in the Var to be picked up. Thanks for reading this, I hope we find someone quickly!! Leslie - 06 18 94 35 76 www.leschatsdumercantour.com

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Looking for urgent advice please. My poor dog (Japanese Akita) passed away 2 days ago (due to illness/old age) and we are looking for a place in/around Monaco where we could plant her ashes. There used to be a small pet cemetary in Fontvieille, but its not there anymore. Thanks in advance.   x          

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Hello  Can anyone tell me if their vets sell the brand name of 'VIRBAC' Dog food please? The nearest Vets I know of is in the Var, but if I can get it closer it would really be a bonus. Thank you.      

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I am looking for a retirement home for a lovely old horse, I heard there was one around here, does anyone have any ideas please?  Thanks.

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Does anyone know of beach where you can take dogs - on and off lead at the moment?   Many thanks    

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Hello, I am looking for some volunteering possibilities in animals shelter (to come and walk dogs or cats time to time, help them, when in need), or participate in rescue campaigns (requing from from vivisection centers, etc). I am interested in doing 2-3 of hours a week (or more, if I can find something close from Monaco/ / Beausoleil Roquebrune Cap Martin, being close from home/ work). Could anyone give me some information regarding this matter?  Thanks in advance, Victoriavictoria.kaite@gmail.com

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Does anyone know where can I find french bulldog for coupling ?We have 2 years dog- mix french bulldog with shitz tzu. If somebody has the same mix that would be great.Thank you for any help. 

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We will be bringing our 15 year old fit, medium size, short hair cross bred dog to Mandelieu for a few weeks. Does anyone know if he will need protection from mosquitoes or anything similar? Many thanks.

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Has anyone travelled to the Uk with their dog or cat, adopted in France, as a resident of France? I am trying to book myself a seat with my dog (under 6 kg) on an Air France flight, so that I can keep my dog on my knees, in a special crate/bag. However, both Air France, on the phone, and Air France, the office in nice, have categorically told me that it is forbidden for me to take a dog into the Uk that was not from the Uk originally. However, when I look at the Petscheme site, it says that the rules changed a while ago, and that you can travel to the uk with your pet, from an EU country… Has anyone travelled by plane with Air France, with their pet in the cabin please??? Many thanks for your help!   ;)

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Hi guys, does anyone know a good vet, english speaking preferably reasonably priced one? If you do could you please send me an email, since it's not allowed to leave names and numbers in the discussion?  I live in Cannes so anywhere in the area would be good. Thank you so much in advance! regards, Maja

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Hi  I was wordering if anyone can recommend a good responsible dog sitter. I need someone to look after my 11yr Beauceron in a villa in Antibes for around 8hrs on Sunday 21st June. Thanks Lucy . 

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Hello, if anyone is able to take on either an 11 year old cuddly cocker spaniel called Robby or a ten year old golden retreiver called princesse, please get yourselves down to refuge jean duflos in Antibes behind Decathlon. Robby's owner died and he was dumped there. He is sad and cold at the refuge and can't understand why he has ended up in prison... Princesse also arrived at the refuge due to the death of her owner. She was taken into a permanent foster home but has just been returned  because her foster carers had to move. She is a gentle old lady and needs a warm comfy place to finish her life... Both are sociable with other dogs and love people. The refuge will pay for all vet costs and food but in exchange you must agree to take the dog to the refuge's vet when it is time for vaccines etc. If you prefer to have more independence to choose your vet then you will need to adopt the dog. In this case you will need to pay an adoption fee and the dog will be put in your name. If you are interested but don't speak French please please don't hesitate to call me (Serena 0631542093) and I will help you. I saw both dogs today when I was at the refuge and they look so lost and sad. Here is a link so you can see a picture of each: http://refuge.duflos.pagesperso-orange.fr/chiens1.htm  

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Hello, I am planning on going back to England very shortly. I would appreciate any information anyone can give me on my taking my dog with me. I thought it was a straight forward procedure in booking a flight but no! Has anyone had the experience from Nice to London with a pet. Thanks 

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Is there a french law against a dog riding in the front seat of a car?  

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I know that we are often looking for a reliable dog sitter in the area and finally after trying a couple and being let down by many - we have now found a good one! If anyone would like the contact details for the two ladies please contact me and I will be happy to pass on their details. They live between Cannes and Antibes, so good for those in this area. Our pup came back very happy and even had some photos sent to us of them taking walks on the beach and around Cap d'Antibes! We paid 10 euros per day, which we thought was reasonable for a home-from-home service

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Any horse-riders out there would like to be riding sometimes, no fixed program but some regularlty? You will need a car and to be adventurous.. location about an hour from Antibes.. answering machine loreedubois83@orange.fr

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I'm available to take care of any small dogs if your interested u can call me on 0758492344

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Hi, is there a dog-sitting exchange circle in Nice (west) -Avenue Californie, 06200?  I would very much like to meet other animal owners and help out with minding their pets while they are away, and visa versa. Regards, Nats

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Hello - does anybody have one of those fat collars that stops dogs licking themselves after an op?My Golden Retriever has just been neutered, because he had a little tumor that apparently was hormone-related.He's 8 and a half  and quite a nervous chap - unfortunately when he woke up from the anaesthetic yesterday, they had put that trombone cone head thing on him, and out of fear I'm pretty sure, he had "une crise d'epilepsie" - needless to say he won't be having that thing on again - it's still in the boot of the car. I thought one of those fat collars might be less weird for him. If you've got one to give away, or it's going cheap, that would be great. It needs to be Golden Retriever size, which I believe is size 4. We live in the Biot area.06 67 27 97 37 Please phone,text or send a message. Thanks!    

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