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Lost my dog in old nice this afternoon around 3pm - she's called Peggy.  She's a 3yr old golden/white English Cocker Spaniel and has an electronic tag under her skin. Please contact me or take her to a vet if you find her... Thank you!!! (I have already notified my vet and APOT - hoping she finds her way into kind hands...)

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Hello. I am a long time resident of the area (Scottish, female, 40+) whose children have recently flown the nest and I have now acquired two lively Border Collie pups instead :-). (these doggies are still being trained and learning to socialise). I'm looking for fellow dog walkers in a similar situation, and available on weekdays only, who would like company on walks and the chance to socialise with or without the dogs. Possibly to also share pet care arrangements for holidays, etc. I live in the countryside behind Nice so would prefer walks in the Nice area, but willing to travel longer distances occasionally :-)

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Animal photographer wanted, to photograph two dogs...anyone know of any?

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Hi guys, I am am a regular dog walker at Refuge Jean Duflos dog shelter in Antibes (behind Decathlon) and yesterday when I went, an 11 year old white and beige cocker spaniel named Robby had just been abandoned there as his owner is now too unwell to keep him. I have seen many dogs arrive there in the past but this time my heart really broke because Robby is entirely bewildered in this outside pen with lots of big bouncy dogs running about. He sits in the corner crying and trying to leave the pen with the carers whenever they enter. Does anyone have the possibility to take him on? It would be on a foster care basis for the rest of his life which means that the refuge would pay for his food and veterinary care. First they will sterilise him because this has never been done. Robby is a friendly little chap who gets on with other dogs, he just needs a warm bed and lots of love. If anyone can help please please get in touch with me and I will help liaise with the refuge. Serena: 0631542093

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We are the biot Dog Guide SQchool for blind and looking for Labrador Golden retreiver or sheperd aged between 12 to 18 monthd neutered and dysplasie free to be trained. Check our Facebook page and call us EMCGA Ecole Méditerranéenne de Chiens-Guides d'Aveugles @ Thanks      

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A great pyrenees sheep dog needs your help! Urgent! Please send me email : gabri@netcourrier.com or give me a call for details!! 06 84 86 87 02

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I am looking for a second hand transport cage for my dog. An Australian Berger 26 kilos. It has to be approved by air companies. I have heard of renting dog cages so if anyone has any contacts, I would be grateful. Thanks 

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Hi guys,I am a ballerina with Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and it's my second year working for the company and living in Monaco. This october I adopted a kitten who is absolutely lovely. Her name is Miley and she is 3 months old. I am looking for someone who would be willing to babysit her while I go on tour with the company during the year. Usually our tours are only 7-10 days however I really can't leave her alone for such a long period of time alone. I already have my schedule for the year so you would know much in advance the dates when I would be away. She is so good with people and loves to cuddle. If you are interested please reply to me here or you can email me at clarksarah28@hotmail.com I really hope to hear from someone soon, this would be such a help and of course we could disucss payment and further information in the email.All the best, Sarah

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Good morning, Bonjour, Buongiorno, Merhaba, Witajcie. I offer my skills as a dog walker and pet sitter.I will be especially happy to run with your active dog or practice bikejoring, throw them a ball or frisbee.I can do walking/training/cooking/feeding/cleaning or just stay hours talking and playing with your cat. 5-month experience as dog handler and property manager at a husky farm.Available from nowMonaco and neighbourhood,  Sincerely,Adam Please write or call,stochwicz@gmail.com +48533134544   

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Fellow dog lovers, please check out this topic in "General": Beware poisoning in forest around Valbonne   posted there by "dachs"

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Hi everyone. My husband and I are going to be doing a little travelling in the next few months (a weekend here and there, and a longer trip up to two weeks), we are looking for a dog sitter for our two dogs (chihuahua and Belgian shepherd) as we have not heard good things about dog kennels in France. We live in a good size house in Les Adrets, does anyone have a pet sitter recommendation? What would you expect the daily rate to be? Thanks in advance!

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Hi all I've just moved to Antibes and my dog is in need of a vet already....very jippy tummy! I understand that you can't post details of english speaking vets on the forum - but could someone email me details of any english speaking vet in Antibes that you would recommend. Also, if you know of any boarding kennels that you would recommend that would be great. He can't stay in one of the 'en famille' type, as he is still 'intact' and at the grand old age of 10, I wouldn't want him to go through an op to change that! I have been to see Lady-Noire kennels in Mougins this morning - which look ok, but if anyone has used any really good ones with caring staff that really care for the dogs that would be really useful. Thanks Gill

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We have a lovely little King Charles cross who can't come with us to Paris 18-23 Dec. If there is anyone who would be happy to dogsit him (and I can return the favour) I would be so grateful. He really is sweet and well-behaved, but he's a bit anxious and so I don't like to put him in kennels. If you're available, please email me catherine@aygen.net. THank you!

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Hello, I have growing kitten and I have to trave with work, about a week every other month. Can anyone recommend a cat sitter (single or couple) who can stay in my 2 bed. flat in Nice Port to look after her? Any recommendations much appreciated!  

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Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of a dog minding circle/exchange local to Villeneuve Loubet. I have 2 small dogs and need someone to look after them quite often and I would be happy to do the same for you ! Thanks

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Hi I was just wondering about dog sitting.  I have a gorgeous little xYorkie called Jerry and sometimes I would like to go away for the weekend but I worry about what I can do with Jerry.  Maybe once every two months for a weekend I go to England where a lot of my friends live.  I was wondering firstly how much a dog sitter charges and if Jerry would stay at our house in Le Cannet and get visited for feeds and walks or if maybe there is someone in my area who also has a small dog, preferably a girl as he seems to want to eat boys, who would think of maybe looking after my dog once in a while and I could look after yours when you go away.  Jerry is tres important and needs lots of love so I worry about leaving him  but going away for a weekend to play with another dog might actually be good for him.  What do you think?  Obviously we would have to meet up first so we can check out each other as I hear scandals of people stealing dogs to sell them for tasty snacks in dodgy countries!!!!!!!!!! not that they would get much for Jerry as he is a bit small.....anyway silly talk - someone give me some clues on what they do when they go away. Thanks   Katherine Fear is a habit. I am not afraid.

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We've recently adopted a refuge cat, and need to get some good recommendations for local catteries, particular with Christmas coming closer and closer :) Any experiences would be appreciated with catteries from Antibes to Cannes, or in as far as Valbonne.  

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Hi All, I went to the local animal refuge to ask about volunteering, and they said it will cost me €15 to register to volunteer.  Me having to pay to help them has put me off a bit, but also because I don't speak much French, I'm not sure what's involved and whether I would get enough interaction with the animals that would be worth my €15. Does anyone know of another shelter/rescue group I could volunteer at?  I did read about some shared pet-circles, and although I don't have a pet myself, I'd like to help look after other people's pets. I volunteered with a local animal rescue group in Australia, and it was immensely satisfying. Any suggestions in Nice? Regards Gemma

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One of my Ragdoll kittens, who left home to live with a delightful couple, suddenly fell seriously ill and an xray revealed one withered kidney and a "normal" one that wasn't working enough to rid his little body of the toxins that were poisoning him. One of the vets suggested euthanasia as he was dying anyway, but the Good Soul on duty that weekend couldn't bear to and lo and behold the poor mite started to improve. After 10 days of care the new parents decided that they couldn't bear to risk him dying on them and I collected him from their vets last Friday, naturally paying all the bills. My question is this : I've read a lot of feline sites on the internet as to what is and isn't good for the health and well-being one kidney cats – does anyone have any hands-on experience of this? So many conflicting do's and don'ts around. He's still on lots of meds to support kidney function and to ccounterract their detrimental effect on his intestines, and he's not clear and safe yet, but he's beginning to be as naughty as a normal kitten which is a good sign, I hope. Thanks for any helpful advice.

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Here is a tale of woe... Back in September we arranged for our pet cat to be taken by road to the UK however when we met the carriers they would not take the cat because the vet had not completed the passport document correctly. When we subsequently spoke to the vet he corrected the passport and reluctantly agreed to take the cat in for a month (which was the period until the next scheduled run by carriers) and we had to leave for the UK ourselves (flights/accomodation booked etc) within a few days. The day before we had to leave the vet completely reneged on his undertaking and we had to find someone to take the cat in very quickly... some friends helped out despite having many dogs and it being very inconvenient for them... A few days before I returned to France this month to take the cat to meet the pet carriers for the second time, he escaped and was nowhere to be seen.. so I had to cancel the RDV with the carriers and return back to the UK again and our cat had gone... Today the cat has re-appeared! But now the carriers say they cannot take him until January and our friends naturally do not want to be responsible for him for that long... So apart from punching the vet who caused all this mess does anyone have any suggestions or ideas or would be prepared to look after a 9yo neutered male cat for a couple of months...? Thanks for reading! Rich

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