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One of my Ragdoll kittens, who left home to live with a delightful couple, suddenly fell seriously ill and an xray revealed one withered kidney and a "normal" one that wasn't working enough to rid his little body of the toxins that were poisoning him. One of the vets suggested euthanasia as he was dying anyway, but the Good Soul on duty that weekend couldn't bear to and lo and behold the poor mite started to improve. After 10 days of care the new parents decided that they couldn't bear to risk him dying on them and I collected him from their vets last Friday, naturally paying all the bills. My question is this : I've read a lot of feline sites on the internet as to what is and isn't good for the health and well-being one kidney cats – does anyone have any hands-on experience of this? So many conflicting do's and don'ts around. He's still on lots of meds to support kidney function and to ccounterract their detrimental effect on his intestines, and he's not clear and safe yet, but he's beginning to be as naughty as a normal kitten which is a good sign, I hope. Thanks for any helpful advice.

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Here is a tale of woe... Back in September we arranged for our pet cat to be taken by road to the UK however when we met the carriers they would not take the cat because the vet had not completed the passport document correctly. When we subsequently spoke to the vet he corrected the passport and reluctantly agreed to take the cat in for a month (which was the period until the next scheduled run by carriers) and we had to leave for the UK ourselves (flights/accomodation booked etc) within a few days. The day before we had to leave the vet completely reneged on his undertaking and we had to find someone to take the cat in very quickly... some friends helped out despite having many dogs and it being very inconvenient for them... A few days before I returned to France this month to take the cat to meet the pet carriers for the second time, he escaped and was nowhere to be seen.. so I had to cancel the RDV with the carriers and return back to the UK again and our cat had gone... Today the cat has re-appeared! But now the carriers say they cannot take him until January and our friends naturally do not want to be responsible for him for that long... So apart from punching the vet who caused all this mess does anyone have any suggestions or ideas or would be prepared to look after a 9yo neutered male cat for a couple of months...? Thanks for reading! Rich

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Hi all.    I am trying to get to the U.K with my cat.  Is anyone driving over before the 14th November? or any time soon... I am having real problems with the logistics to Edinburgh! If I can get over to England I will be fine.. any help or advice greatly appreciated.    Many Thanks Jemima

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Im iliving in Raymond Poincare street and would love a little dog to take regular if there is any one needing this service please. Don't hesitate to contact me because I want to have things to do and help people .    

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Hi everyone. This Sunday 5 October the Refuge Jean Duflos in Antibes (behind Decathlon) is holding an open day and bazaar. It's a good chance see the dogs and cats looking for a new home and to help out the refuge financially buy bying a crepe or an item from one of the stands. You can also ask about dog walking if you are interested in this. It is also a chance to meet the little cream cocker spaniel, Robby who I mentioned in another post and who is still there waiting for a new mum or dad after being abandoned at age 11.... So get on down there....it's on all day. Or give me a call for more info 0631542093

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  Hello I am looking for somebody to take care for our friendly little cat of 4 months, she is sterilised and clean and enjoys the company of other cats or dogs. It is a last minute decision but we need somebody for this weekend  Fri - Monday or Tuesday .   Thank you in advance Michelle    

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Hi!I would love to meet new dogs and expat owners for walks around the Antibes/Villeneuve Loubet area.my dog is 5 years old and medium sized. He doesn't like puppies otherwise he loves new four and two legged friends.

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We have an african spurred tortoise who has grown a lot this summer and now no longer fits into his terranium for winter.Anyone got a similar tortoise ?As he does not hibernate I am looking for ways to keep him warm.Thanks for any help.

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Hi I'm going in holiday in Nov (4th-18th) and looking either for someone to take care of my two year old cat, Nahla, in my little flat in mougins le haut or a good cattery with private rooms out of sight from other cats (as they make her nervous). She is a real people cat and loves attention and cuddles. She has up to date vaccinations. please contact me with any information and tarifs I look forward to hearing from you,thanks!  Mel 0781604689

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Hi I am looking for a group who walk their dogs regularly. I have a very sociable 7 month old who just wants to play with other dogs  I am also looking to practice my french so the group doesn't have to be English speaking. Any info would be greatly appreciated :0) Thanks  Jen  

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I'm looking for an agent to book a flight for my dog from Nice to Heathrow.   Has anyone used an agent recently that they found useful?   Any helpful tips would be most appreciated.  He has a passport, chip and his jabs are up to date.  Many thanks!   PF

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Hi, I have the usual 'livret de sante internationa'l book for my dog. We are moving to Mallorca in November, will this be accepted or, does it have to be one of these EU Passports?   Is it the same thing?

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Can anyone recommend a good cattery where I can leave my cat during my holiday. I would prefer a set up where he has an indoor area leading to an outside run.  I don't want him put in with others because he is a wimp and will get beaten up. I live in Antibes but I am happy to take him a fair distance if I know he will be looked after Thanks  

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Hello, I have kitten - gowing fast and must travel with work, usually a week or so every other month. Can anyone recommend reliable cat sitters (single or a couple)  to stay in my flat in Nice Port and look after her?  All advice and recommendations much appreciated!  

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We have to fairly suddenly return to the UK after several years on the Cote d'Azur and it seems very hard to find anyone to take our cat back to England without paying a fortune..... does anyone know and recommend anybody who provides this service at a reasonable cost? If we cannot find a solution above then we will have to face the prospect of leaving our 9 yo neutered male European cat here in a good home so is anybody interested in adopting him? TIA

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Hi! I have recently mooved to Californie in Cannes, with my small dog. He is a very social and active guy, and loves to play with other dogs. So I am wondering if anyone in the same area also has a dog and would like them to meet? He would absolutely love it. Maybe anyone from Scandinavia? (I'm from Sweden) Thanks!

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Hi,  I have found the most amazing dog groomer in Nice. Juliet is a lovely English speaking lady who is very patient & gentle with the dog. She is very friendly with great sense of humur but professional.  I definitely recommend her, really nice lady. CASTEL DOG, NICE  

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Hi, really need some help I have three cats that desperately need neutering but it is way to expensive in the vets in Cannes. Does any body know of any RSPCA type places or shelters that do it for a bit cheaper?? Any advice will really help 

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I just went to visit a friend who is fostering a young kitten for a local animal association. His name is cooper and he is black and white. I can't recommend him highly enough if you are looking for a kitten to adopt. He's sociable, fun and a real character. I can put you in touch with my friend directly if you drop me a line!

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A large male ginger dog escaped from our garden this morning just after 10 AM. We live just outside valbonne in a domaine.  He is very friendly and answers to the name Odey. He did not have his collar on at the time. He looks like this... http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a5/Male_Vizsla.jpg ANY help or sightings would be massively appreciated!!!!  Please call 0652981626  Thank you 

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