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Hi there,Am looking to join a tennis club to play doubles. Any suggestions in Antibes/Cannes area?

started by: Brian-McSweeney-996004 · last update: 1623313037 · posted: 1622992992

Hi folks,I'm wondering if there's anyone who would be willing to rent me a guitar for the month of July. I'm based in Antibes.thanks!Brian

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Hi, I need to transport an 8m boat from Palma Majorca to Port Saint Jean Cap Ferrat immediately. Any suggestions please?Thanks.

started by: Jonathan-Heynes-928669 · last update: 1621876498 · posted: 1621876498

Sorry to post almost the same as a couple of posts below.  I'm looking for a mooring of about 10m to buy or rent in the area of Antibes to Mandelieu.  Any leads would be gratefully received.  Thanks in advance.

started by: ziggs-225894 · last update: 1618332532 · posted: 1618332532

Can anyone help me to buy a 10m mooring in Villefranche  Sur Mer or in Beaulieu? Many thanks

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How many Captains out there running yachts came from the Merchant Navy,are you really qualified;this is the time it takes to become a Master Mariner,5 years. 1 year at pre sea cadet course.Credits in Maths and Science a plus. 2 years at sea as a deck cadet learning ship operations,stowage,stability,and watch keeping. Then ashore for training in Fire fighting,survival,radar,radio. This is followed by another 7 month refresher course at college for you 3/2 mates ticket. then back to sea for 18 months as a junior watch officer. then back to college for refresher ready for 1st Mates and modular training in ship management,medical and more radar. 1 more year at sea as a senior officer could sail as 1st mate but more likely as second. Then back to college for six months refresher before sitting your Masters. So five years with in between gaining vital experience at sea in a practical manner and as a cadet learning your deck first while working your way up. Many skippers out there have yachtmasters only, with Navigation and ancillary training only,firefighting,medical/radio,etc. No real ship operations or management training,no stability in real terms.but with gross tonnage on some vessels being small with no cargo space then a vessel of 50 plus metres could be yours if you have a 200 GRT yachtmasters,one is pleasure industry and one is commercial,now Merchant  Navy are more than qualified so can board your vessels but you cant board a Merchant ship in command,so if it was uprated in rules to standardise everyone, many of you would find the need to spend many hours and more money and time to achieve this.Yachts are vessels that need to be foreign going if taking full advantage of the seasons but so would you skippers if rules change to Foreign going class 1 Master Mariners.And Insurance companies well may be the ones calling the shots here.      

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I live in Nice, recently started mushroom picking, would like to share exoerience and places to go.  Speak English, French, Russian.

started by: Simon-Higson-933166 · last update: 1605173422 · posted: 1569246643

Hi, I have recently moved to Monaco. I'm keen to play golf and also to get some lessons (my handicap is 9). Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks

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 I am looking for secure winter storage for my motor boat in the Villefranche area.

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Over the summer, after the hardships of quarantine, I have reached out on Facebook proposing to teach people crochet for free, and this has been the highlight of my summer - I have met some amazing people, and it so rewarding to see people learn a new skill! I am planning on continuing free classes - but the space in my kitchen is limited... So I am also going to run a few paid workshops (crochet and macramé) in the creative space "Les Socquettes de l'Archiduchesse" in Biot. I also knit very well :) So if you would like to learn a new craft, dust up on your skills or just meet fellow crafters, please don't be shy. We also have a Facebook group...

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Are there any golf societies in the area? I am looking for playing partners.Thanks,  Kevin 

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Hi Everyone, Has anyone like me moved to France holding an ICC boat license and then converted it to a French boat license ? I’m interested in the procedure now as I’m a French resident since many years and thinking about buying a boat (as opposed  to using my ICC every time I rented a boat in France). Thanks in advance for any input 

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Hi all, i love playing poker in tournaments or side games but cant seem to find a place that can offer this, does any1 know where there might be games played, i live in the Grasse area but can travel.

started by: Tatiana-HARRISON-944948 · last update: 1573764945 · posted: 1570445611

Looking for an experienced  English speaking  piano teacher for a 14 years old  boy to give piano lessons in Roquebrune Cap Martin.Different music styles. 

started by: Christophe-personal trainer · last update: 1570743662 · posted: 1570743662

Offering exclusive Personal training sessions from Monaco to Cannes. Tailored high end workout, weight loss, toning, core, pilates, stretching, cardio, high intensity. We can achieve your goals together.

started by: AlexCraik · last update: 1565287557 · posted: 1565287557

Hi,I’m a coach at AS ROQUEFORT and we’re looking for players to join our under 17s team for next season (born in 2003 and 2004).Please contact me if you’re interested 0658515735Many thanks Alexander

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Hello All, Looking to go on a cruise next summer with children. I was thinking Mediterranean or Disney (paris) or Greek islands cruise, we are open to anything really. But again must be Child friendly. Do they normally depart and return in France?I'm sorry, never been on a cruise so this is all new to us. Appreciate all of your experiences and opinions!

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The Riviera Classic Car Club welcomes all cars of interesti.e. classic or prestige. It is a very informal club – that meetson the last Sunday of each month, set off on a drive with a differentroute each time, ending up at a restaurant for lunch and a chance to chat withother car enthusiasts and meet new people in the area. If you reside along theFrench Riviera and speak English, visit our Facebook page or websiteor website www.rivieraclassiccarclubs.wordpress.com.

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I will be arriving in Greece soon and will be based in Piraeus for the summer. I am an avid fresh water fisherman and on my days off I would love to go recreational fishing (catch and release). I have looked online and can not seem to find any information to see if this is possible. Is it possible to go Largemouth/Black bass/Carp/Catfish fishing, and if so do you know where I might be able to go and do this? I have a house in Cyprus and go Carp and Bass fishing on the reservoirs there.

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Hello,I'm going with my family to the Cote d'Azur in the first 2 weeks of July and would like to know where are the best beaches in terms of:- not being too packed;- clean water.In Fréjus or in Juan-les-Pins? By far the main factor for me is for it not to be too packed with people. If none of them is recommendable, which area would you recommend?Thanks a lot!Pedro.

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