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Hello All, Looking to go on a cruise next summer with children. I was thinking Mediterranean or Disney (paris) or Greek islands cruise, we are open to anything really. But again must be Child friendly. Do they normally depart and return in France?I'm sorry, never been on a cruise so this is all new to us. Appreciate all of your experiences and opinions!

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You are making the right decision - children LOVE cruising. I first took mine in 2003, when they were 11 & 8 and both loved it from the word go. Our last trip was on QM2 to NY two years ago. Over the years I acquired photos that make it look as if the kids grew up on ships...

Any large cruise ship is going to have excellent facilities for the entertainment of children and dedicated staff to look after them. I particularly recommend Celebrity, which is a class act, but Holland America is excellent as well. RCI is not quite in the same class, but very acceptable and probably less expensive.

You will have to get used to not having the children around. They will make friends at their groups (divided by age) and they will want to stay with their friends. When they are old enough to sign themselves out (10 or 11, usually) you may run into them unexpectedly having lunch or swimming with their friends - even attending shows at the theatre, grouped in the box seats! It is also the case that they may prefer to stay on the boat, rather than get off for excursions. Actually, you can save a lot of money that way....

To be honest, one of the reasons I think the children liked it so much was the degree of independence they had on the boat. Unlike letting them out to play on land, you don't really have to worry. On a modern vessel is it very difficult for passengers, including children, to hurt themselves. Also the staff is constantly around and I am sure they keep an eye on children by themselves or in groups.

A Med cruise would be great. Normally, of course, one boards at port A and travels to port B (or return to port A), stopping at X Y & Z on the way, but people do get on and off at different ports. You can have your pick of cruises that stop for a day in Villefranche or Monaco, where you can probably arrange with the cruise line or through your agent to get on, then just stay on the boat until it comes around again. That won't work with every itinerary, but there are plenty of ships to choose from. Look around.

Btw, on board costs can be high. Check out policy on soft drinks for children and see whether they will be happy with the free stuff. If not, you can usually buy a package that lets them have unlimited soft drinks and costs say $6 per day per child. That might sound like a lot, but compare it to cokes at $3... It may also come as a surprise to you that the children will be able to charge things to your room account (everyone in your party has a card that functions both as a room key and as a charge card for purchases on the boat.) Video games that have to be paid for can add up, so you might want to watch that. Also - especially! - the public internet use, which can be VERY expensive. You've been warned....

Please fell free to get back to me if you have any other or more specific questions. Good luck!

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There is no need to embarrass about it. Everyone has their first experience. 

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