Brexit and healthcare in france

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Now, as brexiteers, I guess healthcare has to be provisioned for privately ? Am I right in this assumption ?

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Not necessarily As you do not say whether you are a holiday maker holiday home owner or living permanently here we cannot give a definite answer but generally holiday makers and those visiting France for less than 90 days will require travel insurance to cover everything as the EHIC card no longer exists 

If you are longer visitor(90 days +) you will need a long term visitor visa for which you will need to have health insurance equal to the French health system

If you are intending on becoming a permanent resident then you will need a Visa and a Carte de sejour both of which require health insurance equivalent to the French system Once you have a CDS and have lived in France for 3 months then you can apply to join the French health system via CPAM 

If you were here before Brexit and were already members of CPAM that will continue and newbies who moved here in the lead up to Brexit will still be able to join after 3 months as long as they have or have applied for the WACDS

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Thank you for your very helpful reply to the query on health cover in France now Brexit is finalised. 

My first comment is that UK health insurance would never be on a par with the French Health System since no UK health insurance will cover chronic illness.  If one develops Parksinsons, MS, whatever chronic malady that might arise, one's cover is cut off, I think its after the first 6 months after diagnosis and then one is no longer covered for that condition. 

Fortunately we've long been covered by Social Security here in France.

We've only just completed and submitted my online papers in applying for a carte de sejour and I wonder how long it will take to get one. I'll be called for an interview first and then I wonder how long one waits? Presumably its one of the few ways one can get back into France from the UK without any delays providing one is organised with the covid testing, etc.

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