Chourouk Hriech

25th April 2019 12:00am - 20th July 2019 12:00am
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“Another story of what we see, 
what we suppose to see, 
or what we would like ... 
a short poem that put us face ourselves. 
for the landscapes that we suppose are still only reflections of the thoughts that shape us, 
and there are always parts of ourselves that we do not know.
We meet them in what I will call the practice of the world. "


Chourouk Hriech's work is built on the feeling of the landscapes she crosses, urban or rural, bucolic or industrial. It is a constant relation to the architecture which she stages in her drawings but also to the people who cross these landscapes. It is this singular experience that has interested us in Chourouk's work. During his first visits, the artist is delighted by the light of Nice that plays with contrasts, where the white facades are dazzling, little things that will be starting points, perhaps. She spots patterns, which she will probably borrow, for winks. With the desire to give back what has been transmitted to him, Chourouk demonstrates that art is self-awareness, awareness of the relationship of oneself with the world. These moments, no doubt so sensitive.

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16 rue Parmentier,

25th April 2019 12:00am -
20th July 2019 12:00am