Team Building and Outdoor Day

from Mar 25th 2017 to Mar 25th 2017


Dear Members,

You are invited to join us in the

Team Building and Outdoor Day

Saturday March 25th from 9.00h to 17.30h

Golden Tulip

120 Routes des Macarons

Sophia Antipolis, 06560 Valbonne

Parking inside

Dress Code: sportswear, sneakers

Cost: 40€ includes lunch (Fish or Vegan), coffee, beverages, and one full day workshop


One day to spend together in the open air in order to create that team spirit that will enable us to work together having fun and accepting the challenges while building trust, understand our leadership style, solving problems, giving feedback and brainstorming to mold the future of PWN.

If you like to learn through doing, if you like to participate better than being in the spectator position, if you are curious about yourself and others, if you want to be engaged intellectually, emotionally, socially and/or physically, if you like to be confronted with evidence in order to be convinced, rather than disputing or theoretically debating, if you like to face people and challenges  and results, well this is the right place to be for you.

Throughout a sequence of carefully chosen experiences, you will be supported and guided to learn from natural consequences, mistakes and /or successes, developing an in-depth understanding of what theory from reading or lectures might mean in actual practice.

So you will go through a real life experience of how a group of people can grow into a team, learning which are the critical factors to facilitate this process, in terms of building trust, communicate effectively, tackle and solve problems, contribute with creativity, lead in a way which is aligned with your personal proclivity, with the special alchemy of the group and  with the challenge you are called for.

Giving and receiving honest feedback from your peers will be an essential tool, which will enhance the depth of your learning all along the training.

This workshop is for PWN members, who want to live the experience of building team spirit and offering their ideas for the future of PWN.

Team Building and Outdoor Experience. will be led and facilitated by Marina Gregoretti and Eli Rota


 Marina Gregoretti

Executive Director of Pro.Gre Consulting, a Leadership Development consulting firm, committed in She has over 25 years of experience in providing services to multinational organizations in Italy Europe and USA. She has designed and delivered
helping young talents in discovering and developing their authentic leadership and plan their future life/career. She is also active in coaching leaders in organizations and in sports.programs the purpose of creating team spirit, alignment, withdevelopment and leadership .

 Eli Rota

Psychologist and psychotherapist, has worked for more than 25 years in the field of training and consulting in multinational organizations in Italy, Europe and USA. Among her competences, Transformational Leadership, Coaching, Experiential Learning and NLP.