Air Conditioning & Heating

Clima Express
Clima Express specialises in non-polluting climate control systems which use solar and wind energy, offering both air conditioning and heating solutions at Via degli Astri, 104 - 00144 Rome. English spoken
Teelcond Impianti
Teelcond provides air conditioning and dehumidifying systems, technical assistance and system planning. Located at Via Tommaso Fortifiocca, 103 - 00179 Rome.
Sis. Tec. S.R.L.
Heating and air conditioning systems, installation and maintenance with a choice of well-known brands at Sis. Tec. At Via Delle Gondole, 137 - 00121 Ostia Lido (RM)
Valsolda Immobiliare
Air conditioning equipment and systems, installation and service at Valsolda, Via Roccabernarda 93/99, 00173 Rome.
Room air conditioners, heating systems, installation and service. At Via Renato Fucini, 12 - 00137 Rome (RM).
Giampiero & Andrea Filippi
Maintenance and assistance on air conditioning systems, sales of air condition apparel. English is spoken. At Via dellIsola Farnese 48, 00123 Rome.