Bars: Latina

Bar Vittoria
Bar open everyday from 07:00-20:00, except Sunday. At Corso della Repubblica 70, 04100 Latina (LT).
Bar Kristal
Bar situated in a shopping centre, open everyday from 09:00-20:30. At Viale Nervi, 04100 Latina (LT).
Bar Prestige Vito
Bar open Monday to Friday from 07:00-20:00. At Viale Doria Andrea 49, 04100 Latina (LT).
Caffe Vergnano
Bar open everyday from 07:00-20:00 that also serves snacks. Closed on Sunday. At Via 4 Novembre 54, 04100 Latina (LT).
Bar Tavola Calda del Centro
Bar that also serves lunch, open everyday from 05:30-19:00, except Saturday afternoon and Sunday. At Via Capograssa, 04100 Latina (LT).
Caffe 2001
Bar also serving snacks that is open from 07:00-20:00 everyday, except Sunday. At Via Cicerone 58, 04100 Latina (LT).
Bar Napoli
Bar open everyday from 07:00-21:00, except Monday. At Via Isonzo 74, 04100 Latina (LT).
Bar Brio
Bar open everyday from 06:30-21:00, except Sunday. At Via Giuseppe Verdi, 04100 Latina (LT).
Caffe Degli Artisti
Bar open everyday from 06:00-22:00. At Via Diaz Armando 22, 04100 Latina (LT).