Car Dealers: Sales New & Used

GM Daewoo Italia
Automobile dealers that have a range of both new and used cars on offer. They will service cars as well. At v. Corona Boreale, 00100 Fiumicino (RM).
Fiat Auto
Official Fiat dealers at viale Manzoni 65-67, 00185 Rome.
City Car
Sales and service of motor bikes and cars. At 244-244a v. Collatina, 00155 Rome.
Official Chrysler and Jeep Dealer, via Francesco Denza 54/58, 00197 Rome.
Tourist and Diplomat sales division. At via Flaminia 970, 00189 Rome.
Auto Centri Balduina
Sales of new and used cars. Open Monday to Saturday 09:00-13:00 and 15:30-19:30, with the used car department also open Sundays 09:00 to 13:00. At via Appia Nuova 803, 00178 Rome.
Auto Barsi
Automobile dealers for new cars. There is a showroom with assistance, and spare parts are also available. At km. 68,800 s.s Pontina 04100 Latina (LT).
Official Chrysler and Jeep dealer at via Silicella 113-115, 00169 Rome.
LM Motori
Sale of a wide variety of new and used vehicles. At v. Fabi 20, 03100 Frosinone (FR).