Complementary Therapies & Wellness

LAlbero e La Mano
Offering various activities for improving the relationship between mind and body from massage and Reiki to Power Stretching and yoga. At Via Della Pelliccia 3, 00153 Roma (RM).
Associazione Culturale Amrita Yoga e Ayurveda
Cultural and spiritual association offering yoga courses, Ayurveda and shiatsu massages. At Via Cristoforo Colombo 436, 00145 Roma (RM).
Rigveda di C. Cannata
Ayurvedic Therapist for traditional ayurvedic massage and other body treatments for women, such as pinda sweda. Based in a medical studio in Via A. Bennicelli 32, Monteverde - Colli Portuensi 00151 Rome (RM).
Associazione Movimento Creativo
Association of creative movement using dance movement therapy, authentic movement and creative movement to help develop a persons creative development. Regular workshops and classes held in Rome.
Baan Thai
Traditional Thai massage and other body treatments such as finger pressure and plant reflexology. Thai-style environment. At Borgo Angelico 22/a, 00193 Rome (RM).
Osteofisioluciani (Osteopathy and Physiotherapy)
Dott. Emanuele Luciani, osteopath and physiotherapist (Rome-Italy), Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Dry needling, Manipulation, Soft tissue massage, Taping, K-Tape, Rehabilitation, Sports Injury, Back pain, GOsC Registered, www.osteofisiolucian
Associazione Professionale Italiana Shiatsu
Training in Shiatsu through the Namikoshi method. At Via della Mercede 33, 00187 Rome (RM).
Creative Mediation classes for men and women
Learn guided meditation, do creative imagery classes or join in creative writing depending on your preference. Classes are run by Australian Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Celi in English and Italian. At Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 184, 00186 Rome (RM).
Brain Balance Studios
Combines the technology of modern science with the art of alternative healing by utilizing therapies such as The Learning Curve brain wave-training, Trauma Releasing Exercises and Nutri-Energetics Systems to promote well-being and self-improvement.
A centre offering various activities for well-being. At Vicolo Del Bologna 13, 00153 Roma (RM).
Health and cultural association that teaches the technique of Focusing as defined by Eugene Gendlin. At Via di S. Quintino 8, 00185 Roma (RM).
Nemir Adjina
Myopraxis offers relief from pain and helps improve the way you use your body. At Viale di Trastevere 209, 00153 Rome (RM).
Dott.ssa Simona Campli
Clinical psychologist trained in a strategic approach to problem solving to promote the wellness of the person. Experience in stress management, relationship problems, managing of grief and trauma, eating problems, anxiety and anger issues.
Jenifer Vinson- Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage
NY licensed therapist offers professional massage with firm pressure. Stretching and exercise sessions available as well.
Baby Moves
Developmental Movement Education for babies and their parents. Learn to facilitate development through touch and natural movement exploration to enhance a childs physical, emotional and intellectual abilities. Held in Parioli, Monteverde and Tiburtina.
Astrological Consultations - Luiza Azancot
American certified astrologer offers consultations for an astrological perspective. Readings in English or Italian.
Counterweave Anima
Counterweave Anima provides Reiki, intuitive readings, counselling and mentoring. In-person sessions are available in Monti, in the heart of Rome: we also specialise in distance work via Skype email.
Massage therapist for pain relief, stress relief, cellulitis, water retention and relaxation. Based in Rome.
A network of multinational wellness consultants and wellness clubs with the main aim of promoting health, good nutrition and wellness within communities. Collaborate with multinational nutrition company Herbalife.
Feder Yoga Shiatsu
This is the European Federation of Oriental Art University offering lessons in Shiatsu, classical Chinese medicine and yoga. At Viale Eritrea 91, 00199 Roma (RM).
Accademia Yoga
The centre of oriental esoteric studies and yoga learning centre. At Via Venti Settembre 58/a, 00187 Roma (RM).
Rigel & Rigel Chiropractors
Father and son practice specialises in spinal related problems and their management. Provide evaluations of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system and the general state of health of the individual. At Via Flaminia 53, 00196 Rome (RM).
Part of the European Federation of Oriental Arts University and offers courses of yoga. At Viale Giulio Cesare 109, 00192 Roma (RM).