Electricians & Plumbers

English speaking electrician. At Via B. Vittorio 6, 04011 Aprilia (RM).
Francesco Russo
If you have cracked, broken, deformed or collapsed sewer pipes, you can call us. Our plumbing professionals and fully equiped arrive on time, quickly diagnose problem area and stop the pipe leakage. Drain cleaning sewer 24 hours in Rome.
Varmont Impianti Srl
Full plumbing services and bathroom renovations; installation of boilers, heating, air conditioning and heat pumps. At Vicolo del Casale Rocchi, 27 - 00158 Rome (RM). English spoken.
Francesco Russo
24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Service Have a plumbing emergency in Rome? Call us Plumbing for quick-response plumbing expertise and emergency plumbing repairs. Allowed to enter in historical center. Licensed and insured.
Electrician ABCCasa
Electrical installations, upgrades, repairs and maintenance. Home automation, video-surveillance, access control, alarm and multimedia network experts. Open no stop, at Via Donna Olimpia, 8 – 00152 Rome.
No stop intervention for all electrical work, full plumbing services and bathroom renovations. At Via Fontanile Tuscolano, 28 - 00044 Rome (RM)
Apartment and villa renovations and extensions. Our services include interior design and plumbing. At Via degli Adimari, 23 - 00148 Rome (RM). English spoken (ask for Lino Crocetti)
Construkta Plumbers
Company providing emergency services (blocked drains, broken pipes), plumbing repairs, piping installations, central heating, irrigation and sprinkler systems. At Piazza Ernesto Basile, 112 - 00128 Rome (RM). English spoken.
Marco de Luca
English speaking plumber (also speaks Dutch and German). At Via della Rustica 256, 00159 Rome.
Mario Forestiero
English-speaking carpenter who will also undertake other building work including plumbing, heating, electricity and painting. At Via delle Vigne 81, 00148 Rome.