Fishing & Angling: Sea & Fresh Water

Acqua Sport
Fishing equipment sale and repair. Closed on Sunday and Thursday afternoon. At v. Sardegna 17, 00045 Genzano Di Roma (RM).
Pesca Turismo
Day fishing expeditions out to sea, learn about Italian fishing methods. Restaurant service on board. From 15 May to 30 September. Off the Terracina coast, Latina (LT) Gaeta c/o Cooperativa Porto Salvo Largo Peschiera.
Lake Boschetto A.S
6000 m2 lake where fishing competitions may be organised all year round, including night fishing in the summer. Trout, carp, sturgeon. Fishing equipment and restaurant. At v. Bandita 16, 00060 Formello (RM).
Innovative Flies
Fishing equipment specialists: rods, reels, bait, nets, flies. At v. Felci 6, 03040 Pignataro Interamna Frosinone (FR) .
Salario Pesca
Fishing equipment and specialist clothing. At p. Filattiera 59/60/61, 00139 Roma (RM).