Flooring, Tiling & Carpet Contractors

Shop selling and fitting carpets, wooden floors, fitted carpets, sod grass, decoration items, linoleum. English spoken. At Via G. Mengarini 20, 00190 Rome.
Shop selling wallpaper, carpets, fabrics. Open Monday afternoon to Saturday morning 09:30-13:00 and 15:30-19:30. Some English spoken. At Via Nemorense 88/f/g, 00199 Rome.
Centro Moquette Contract
Shop selling and fitting moquettes, carpets, wooden floors, fitted carpets, decoration items, linoleum. At Via Moricca, 64 - 00167 Rome (RM)
Luciano Coen
Specialized in antique oriental and european rugs and tapestries. At Via Margutta, 63/65 – 00187 Rome (RM). English spoken.