Gyms & Fitness Classes

Roman Sport Center
Sports club with gym, swimming pool, dry and steam saunas, jacuzzi and aqua fit classes. Open Monday to Saturday 08:00-20:00, Sunday 09:00-15:00. At Viale del Galoppatoio 33, 00197 Roma (RM).
MashD*up Fitness
Zumba fitness course. No experience necessary. Open class every Thursday 19:30-20:30. At via Cutilia, 41 - 00183 Rome (RM)
They are across Rome offering full-equipped fitness, sport and rehabilitation centres as this one in area of Parioli. At Viale Romania 4/22, 00197 Roma (RM).
A.S. Sport Village
Sporting club offers body building, fitness, zumba, dance, karate, kick boxing, krav maga and more. Open Mon-Fri 09:30-22:00, Sat 09:30-18:00. At via Emilio Zago, 1 - 00139 Rome (RM).
Club Nomentano
Sporting club offers fitness and cardio-fitness, tennis, football and swimming. Bar, restaurant and parking are inside. At Viale Rousseau, 124 - 00137 Rome (RM).
Personal Trainer Roma - Roberto Stirpe
Personal training service offering home, outdoor and gym workouts. Includes a specific program for weight loss and functional training.
Red Fitness
Fitness centre offers zumba, yoga, pilates, total body, kick boxing, step, spinning, body building, pump, boxe competition and aero tone. Open Mon-Fri 07:30-22:30, Sat 10:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-13:00. At Via Eugenio Cargiolli, 3 - 00156 Rome.
Roma Fitness Center
Sporting center providing body building, cardio-fitness, zumba, dance, body mind, karate, swimming and more. Open Mon-Fri 09:00-22:00, Sat 09:00-18:00. At via Girolamo Benzoni, 49 - 00100 and at via Pietro Frattini, 63 - 00149 RM.
Forum Sport Centre
At the Forum they offer fitness, tennis, swimming, cardio fitness, gym and more. Open Monday to Friday 07:30-23:00, Saturday 07:30-20:30, Sundays and holidays 07:30-20:30. At Via Cornelia 493, 00166 Roma (RM).
Linea Fitness
This well-equipped gym offers a range of fitness activities, including yoga, lower-body classes, stretching, body building, sculpting and cardio fitness. Open Monday to Friday 09:00-21:30, Saturday 10:30-16:30. At Via Bocca di Leone 60, 00187 Roma (RM).
Gladiator Fit - Roma
Personal Training - At Home or Outside. Available for Training around Rome.
Passion Fitness
Aero dance,body sculpt and tone-up, hip hop, interval training, pilates, gag fitness, power step, stretching, switching, spinning, zumba and more at Via del Forte Braschi, 103. Also having a base in Prenestina, Monteverde, Torrevecchia, Tuscolana areas.
Virgin Active
Virgin Active in Rome has 4 health clubs featuring gyms with 180 training machines, steam room and jacuzzi, personal training, wellness center, childrens area, lounge bar, restaurant and free parking.
Eur Gym Center
Sporting Center offers swimming course, acquagym, dance, pilates, thai boxe, brasilian capoeira, fitness and more. At Quadrato della Concordia, 2/A - 00144 Rome (RM).
This is the centre of sports education from gymnastics, swimming and water polo to judo and ice-skating. At Via Ugo Ojetti 134, 00137 Roma (RM).
G.S. Roma 53
Sporting center offers acquagym and swimming courses for children and adults. Fares from 01/10/2013 to 01/05/2014 (ask for information). At Lungotevere Dante, 311 - 00146 Rome (RM)
Push Up Fitness
This fitness centre in the area of Prati in Rome offers multiple fitness gyms for exercising cardio fitness, aerobics, kick boxing, karate, Body Sculpt and more. At Via Ruffini 2, 00195 Roma (RM).
Hard Candy Fitness
This is the first Club in Italy by Madonna. It offers body building, cardio-fitness and tone up-fitness, pilates, dance and indoor cycling. Near the Colosseum, at Via Capo dAfrica, 5 - 00184 Rome (RM).
Sport Fitness
Sporting club offers fitness, body building, body mind, dance, martial art and rehabilitation after hearth attack. Open Mon-Fri 07:00-23:00, Sat 10:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-13:00. At Viale del Caravaggio, 113 L - 00147 Rome.
Salaria Sport Village
Over 40 courses both indoor and outdoor: swimming, tennis, fitness, football, rowing and more for children and adults. Also including a wellness center. At Via San Gaggio, 5 - 00138 Rome (RM)
Villa Aurelia Sporting Club
Sporting center offers swimming courses for children and adults, waterpolo, syncronized swimming, karate, triathlon and more. At Via dei Bevilacqua, 41 - 00163 Rome (RM).
Fitness Factory
Fitness Club offers kick boxing, pilates, tone up fitness, pump, total body, fit&fight and zumba. Open no stop Mon-Fri 08:00-22:30, Sat 09:30-18:30, Sun 10:00-13:00. At Via Bartolino Da Novara, 48 - 00176 Rome.
LungoTevere Fitness
Sporting club offers pilates, total body, stretch&tone, pancafit, step, gag, spinning, postural training, fitboxe, pump or rock climbing. Open Mon to Fri 07:00-23:00, Sat 09:00-20:00, Sun 09:00-14:00. At Lungotevere degli Artigiani 20, 00153 Rome
My Time Fitness Center
Spinning, aero-kick, total body, body building, step, hip hop, dance and performing art. Club includes car and motor cicle parking, a wellness centre and an internal shop. At Via Marcello Provenzale, 24 - 00186 Rome (RM).
Ice-skating course for adults and children from 4 years. At Piazza Antonio Mancini - 00196, Rome
Royal The Armonic Wellness
Sporting center offering spinning, gag, tone-up, pilates, easy kombat e more. Open Mon-Fri 06:30-22:00, Sat 10:00-18:00. It is located in the hearth of Rome, at Via Barberini, 88 - 00187 (RM).