Internet, Telephone, Mobile & WiFi

MaGlobe is a prepaid ISP, allowing you to access the Internet while traveling, from all over the world with a single username and password.
Blueface Italia Srl
IP telephone services company which works with businesses, SME’s and Professional Consumers. At Via G.Giolitti 34, 00185 Rome (RM).
Calls to and from Italy using the AT&T USADirect access number, customers pay with coins or by credit card.
Wind is a telecommunication operator specialising in mobile phone services but also offers land-line and internet services.
Telecom Italia
English-language website for the Italian telecommunication provider. At Corso dItalia 41, 00198 Rome (RM).
Global telecommunication provider specialising in mobile communications.
3 is a mobile communications operator in Italy.
Tempest Telecom
Before travelling to Italy make arrangements with Tempest Telecom to have internet access set up for when you arrive.
Phone service provides international virtual numbers that will ring you anywhere in the world. At 8 Gateway Trading Estate, Hythe Road, London Road, London NW10 6RJ.
BT Albacom
BT Albacom is the first and largest Italian operator specialised in telecommunications. At Via Mario Bianchini 15, 00142 Rome (RM).
The Yellow Pages
The Italian directory service, Pagine Gialle, in English.
OKCom Telecommunicazioni
OKcom is a landline telephone and internet services provider. At Via Vittorio Rossi 21/25, 00133 Roma (RM).
DialAbroads Euro service offers international calls from Belgium, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Spain, the USA and the UK to anywhere in the world from just 4 eurocents per minute.
Fastweb provides fixed broadband telecommunications services such as telephone, broadband internet connection and virtual private networks (VPN).