Italian Insurance: Car, Home, Life, Travel

Tonic Underwriting
Specialist home insurance from the UK for property owners in Italy. From buildings and contents insurance to super-yachts and private jets. All policies conform with local law. Authorised and regulated by the FSA.
Expat Travel Insurance
Travel insurance for expats living in EU for longer than 6 months. Single trip travel (no age limit), annual multi trip travel in Europe or worldwide. Medical screening and documentation in English. Online quotation, 10% discount quote referral code eu100
Rent Sinistri S.R.L.
Car insurance at Rent Sinistri, Viale A. Manzoni, 24/B - 00185 Rome (RM).
Pramerica Life
House, work, car and life insurance available. At Via Vincenzo Lamaro, 21 - 00173 Rome (RM).
Assicurazioni Generali
Company providing instantaneous comparative quotations with the best prices. English-speaking team at your service to cover all policies and claims. At Via Arenula, 41 - 00186 Rome (RM). Company has more than 200 bases in Rome.
Ex-pat Insurance
Insurance brokers in via V. Cardarelli 9, 00142 Rome.
SAI Agenzia Trastevere
Car and health insurance at SAI, open Monday to Friday from 09:00-18:30 at Via Cesare Pascarella 37, 00153 Rome.
Groupama Assicurazioni S.P.A.
Italian branch of a French company, Groupama offers insurance policies on life, privates, cars, companies etc. Located at Via Guidubaldo dal Monte, 45 - 00100 Rome (RM). Company has 109 bases in Rome.
GDF Insurance
GDF Insurance offers insurance and allied services. Based in Rome.
Unionvita is part of the American International Group, and offers life insurance policies and insurance against accidents and illness. Located at Via del Castro Pretorio 124, 00185 Rome.
Capital Money
Capital Money offers credit to buy, build or renovate buildings, personal credit and insurance. At Piazza Enrico Fermi, 70 - 00146 Rome (RM).
Samocar S.P.A.
Founded in 1956, the Samocar group represents Ferrari and Maserati in Rome, offering insurance and leasing. at Via Pinciana 65, 00198 Rome.
Clements International
Insurance provider for expatriates, international schools, multinational businesses and relief organisations with worldwide auto, property, health, life and commercial insurance, directly and through domestic and international brokers.