Mortgages & Home Finance

Twenty-four hour decisions regarding financial matters, mortgages and personal loans. At vl. Giulio Cesare 128, 00192 Rome (RM).
Mortgages, assistance with taxes and contracts and house planning at Roimmobiliare, Via Tunisi 4, 00192 Rome.
Tempofin offers mortgages to buy, renovate or build houses and assists customers before and during the purchase of a house. At Via di Giardinetti 29, 00169 Rome.
Italian real estate mortgages for non Italians (mutui per stranieri/immigrati) for buying, restoring, renovating and building residential properties in Italy.
Capital Money
Capital Money offers credit to buy, build or renovate buildings, personal credit and insurance. At Piazza Enrico Fermi, 70 - 00146 Rome (RM).
See Money
Italian mortgages for UK residents, expats and foreign nationals.
Italian mortgages for non Italian residents, expatriate Italian residents as well as international mortgages in 10 countries for Italian resident expatriates. Joint British and Italian Managed. Regulated by Banca DItalia and ISVAP.
Kent Finanziaria
Founded in 1961, Kent Finanziaria offers mortgages for the purchase and renovation of buildings. Located at Via Ludovisi 16, 00187 Rome.
Casa Sole- Arca Immobiliare
Deal in mortgages and drawing up contracts for buying property. Website in Italian, German and English. At via Indipendenza 10, Montefiascone (VT).
Rasbank S.P.A.
Banking services, mortgages, investments and personal credit at Rasbank, Via S. Claudio 82, 00187 Rome.