Sport & Country Clubs

Oceania Village
Fitness centre located in a vast park. Gym, dance lessons, pool,sauna, club house and restaurant. At v. del Cappellaccio 20, 00144 Roma (RM)
Roman Sport Center
Fully comprehensive sports centre with good parking. Open from 08:00-22:00. At via del Galoppatoio 33, 00197 Rome.
Piscina della Rose
Swimming centre in viale America 20, 00144 Rome.
Due Ponti Sporting Club
Sports centre offering yoga, dance lessons, swimming, gym facilities, tennis and more. At via dei due ponti 48/a, 00191 Rome.
Villa Appia Business Country Club
Centre for conventions and meetings. At via Appia nuova 244, 00047 Marino (RM).
S.S Lazio Country Club
Exclusive sports centre and country club suitable for conventions, weddings and parties. At via di Santa Cornelia 1300, 00060 Formello Roma (RM).
Sporting Palace
Sports centre with pool, gym, and wellness area. At via Carlo Sigonio 21/a, 00179 Rome.
Country Club Castelfusano
Tourism village within a pine forest with 2 swimming pools, 4 tennis courts, restaurants and games room. At Piazza di Castel Fusano, 1 - 00122.
Rome Cavalieri Hilton
Spa and fitness centre with olympic size pool and personal trainers. At the Cavalieri Hilton Hotel via A. Calolo 101, 00136 Rome.