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Mindfulness for Stress Reduction: 8 Wee... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: pam powers · last update: 1473513973 · posted: 1473513973
House/Pet Sitting Assignment Wanted 0 Home & Garden
We are professional house/pet sitters with excellent references and do not charge for our services. We are regis...
started by: French Riveria House & Pet Sitters · last update: 1471787242 · posted: 1471787242
John Paul II Sports,Music and Theatre Fe... 0 Sport & Leisure
Greetings from London,I'm an English-Irish Christian working towards a Festival in honour of John Paul II,and lo...
started by: JP2 Community Radio · last update: 1470473235 · posted: 1470473235
how to exchange pakistani friving licens... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
started by: yawar-abbas-864465 · last update: 1468397533 · posted: 1468397533
How to get a police report from Rome Onl... 0 Financial & Legal
hey guys, Ive lost a bag in Rome while I was there on a tour, was only there for 1 day and i think we left it in...
started by: Ryan-Clague-862562 · last update: 1466400626 · posted: 1466400626
All things vegan 1 Food & Drink
Anyone got tips for vegan restaurants, where to source vegan wine or the best dairy-free gelato? We'd love to hear ...
started by: Savouring Seasons · last update: 1465985637 · posted: 1458816339
American psychologist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
provides psychotherapy for all mental health issues.  S. Giovanni area.  Experienced and licensed.&nbs...
started by: besneegio · last update: 1464556708 · posted: 1464556708
How to get in touch with lost and found ... 1 Financial & Legal
Hello everyone,This is a long shot but I am a bit desperate. Last weekend (6-9May) I spent in Rome. When ...
started by: Christina-Hansen-859199 · last update: 1464037281 · posted: 1463077333
NEW - Netball in Rome 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi,I'm looking to start Rome's first netball club! Whether you are an ex-player, a newbie, looking for s...
started by: Kay-Sanderson-859963 · last update: 1463750700 · posted: 1463750700
Have you got a illustrated Book Project ... 0 General
Have you a illustrated book project yo...
started by: angiep-112816 · last update: 1462628073 · posted: 1462628073
Right to vote in EU Referendum 0 General
Many of you may have heard of the action brought in the High Court by my client Harry Shindler MBE, the 94 year ...
started by: charlotte oliver-860949 · last update: 1462452638 · posted: 1462452638
About free Italian lessons 0 General
I am a teacher of Italian as a second language and I can tell you that there are not so many places to learn Italia...
started by: teachingitalian · last update: 1458495685 · posted: 1458495685
places to go hiking 0 Sport & Leisure
any good hiking trails around Rome? Nothing too difficult though thanks  
started by: Joseph-861364 · last update: 1454017844 · posted: 1454017844
Importing my motorcycle from UK 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
i have recently moved to Italy from UK and am deciding whether to import my motorbike or just buy one here, it s...
started by: SteveForli · last update: 1453888358 · posted: 1453743944
automated heating 1 Home & Garden
while this freezing weather lasts I could really do with more heat in my flat but it is all connected with the c...
started by: Martin63-867821 · last update: 1453834372 · posted: 1453290724
Visiting Rome and Florence 1 Sport & Leisure
We are hoping to visit Rome and Florence in late Feb. We live in france. The loose plan is to fly to Rome, stay ...
started by: palfers-544466 · last update: 1452553116 · posted: 1450437850
Happy New Year 0 General
Happy New Year to all our members and can we wish you all the best for a happy and peaceful 2016.
started by: Admin-860485 · last update: 1451739215 · posted: 1451739215
Changes to State pension age for women 1 General
A new campaign group has recently formed in the UK called WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign...
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1450711380 · posted: 1446568176
Presents for teacher 1 General
is it the done thing to get presents for teachers at Christmas?
started by: parioli · last update: 1450394796 · posted: 1450132631
EU Citizen - Health Insurance Requiremen... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi, I was wondering if anyone has some knowledge or experience in regards to Residency permit and the Health Ins...
started by: tweet86 · last update: 1449772654 · posted: 1449772654
Security 3 General
Noticably higher security on the metro lines today it seemed. Is this going to be the new normal from now on?
started by: Hamster-860915 · last update: 1449609662 · posted: 1447798086
Christmas decs shop 1 General
Can anyone recommend a shop which sells a good selection of Christmas decs. Ideally north Rome or centre but will t...
started by: Martin63-867821 · last update: 1449609594 · posted: 1448927374
Jubilee year 0 General
so heres hoping for a peaceful jubilee year. and maybe a bit of a general clean up if Rome as a consequence........
started by: J-net · last update: 1449609520 · posted: 1449609520
Property swap 0 Home & Garden
Hi all, We are currently living in Brittany, France and we are marketing our house - in which we have liv...
started by: glamourpuss85 · last update: 1447448672 · posted: 1447448672
wifi in the parks 2 General
does anyone know if any of the parks have wifi zones and if so where and which?  
started by: Helen-860914 · last update: 1447369993 · posted: 1446154381
What to do for Thanksgiving 0 General
Asking on behalf of an American friend here. Any suggestions re what she can participate in to celebrate Thanksg...
started by: Joanne-860607 · last update: 1447150597 · posted: 1447150597
British Embassy job - Temporary Translat... 0 General
On behalf of the Britishg Embassy, AngloINFO want to draw your attention to a temporary full time position of si...
started by: Admin-860485 · last update: 1446760583 · posted: 1446760583
party ideas 3 Families & Kids
any ideas for a party for a 9 year old boy? Struggling for inspiration this year
started by: Joanne-860607 · last update: 1446474140 · posted: 1445275465
Marino - is he going or not? 1 General
I thought he has resigned? And now I hear he might not be? Whats going on any ideas (confused face)  ...
started by: lavitabella · last update: 1446154298 · posted: 1445419101
kids missing school 2 Families & Kids
any idea what the official line is re taking kids out for a week in term time from state schools here? th...
started by: Paddy-860913 · last update: 1445275533 · posted: 1443644435
balcony - bits crumbling 3 Home & Garden
I have been told by people in floor under me that there are small bits of my balcony flaking off and am a bit wo...
started by: romanruin-868657 · last update: 1445274657 · posted: 1439500685
Anyone know anyone looking for kittens 0 Pets & Animals
I have an unexpected litter of kittens and they all need homes. Any suggestions? I live in Cassino which is abou...
started by: CassinoKats · last update: 1444857223 · posted: 1444857223
Anyone know anyone looking for kittens 0 Pets & Animals
I have an unexpected litter of kittens and they all need homes. Any suggestions? I live in Cassino which is abou...
started by: CassinoKats · last update: 1444857218 · posted: 1444857218
Free Italian language lessons? 0 General
I keep hearing about free Italian language lessons "somewhere in Rome" that may or may not be sponsored by the S...
started by: StaceyKeith · last update: 1444681047 · posted: 1444681047
car finance 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
anyone recommend whether I should look at car finance through a garage or bank? thanks  
started by: Helen-860914 · last update: 1444159954 · posted: 1443727433
refugee assistance 5 General
Have been very moved by the news reports regarding the plight of the refugees and want to do something. Anyone k...
started by: Helen-860914 · last update: 1444159821 · posted: 1441627256
zumba classes 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
any idea of a good zumba class in the parioli area? x
started by: parioli · last update: 1444159737 · posted: 1440704968
dogs suitable for apartment living 1 Pets & Animals
any suggestions? The apartment isnt huge so would need to be a breed that isnt too big thankyou!
started by: Toni-861105 · last update: 1444159641 · posted: 1443133767
dogs on the beach 1 Pets & Animals
are dogs allowed on beaches generally or not does anyone know? I like dogs as much as the next person but am get...
started by: Hamster-860915 · last update: 1444159559 · posted: 1438552530
tennis- which tickets?? 1 Sport & Leisure
I want to get tickets for the tennis in May but never having been before I have no idea re best seats (of the ch...
started by: Sally-861260 · last update: 1439316525 · posted: 1439028340
pharmacies closed 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
any ideas how it is possible to see which pharmacies are open over the summer without trekking all over! ...
started by: Vanessa R · last update: 1438850985 · posted: 1438637245
tea bags 1 Food & Drink
to save the disappointment and waste of money - which are the best tea bags people have found that taste like on...
started by: Vanessa R · last update: 1438850790 · posted: 1438637341
private tennis lessons for kids 1 Sport & Leisure
Any ideas how much a private lesson for a kid will cost in tennis?
started by: Joanne-860607 · last update: 1438552387 · posted: 1438288544
spot cream 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I was wondering if anyone has found an effective spot cream here in Italy? Would really appreciate suggestions
started by: bonbon-869206 · last update: 1438288621 · posted: 1436469165
Present for a wedding 4 General
wr are going to a wedding this summer and I am a bit stumped re what to get for a present so any suggestions wou...
started by: jilly-861433 · last update: 1438204647 · posted: 1436310261
Milan expo 2 General
has anyone been to the Milan Expo?worth a visit?
started by: Sally-861260 · last update: 1437432541 · posted: 1436133744
shopping malls - are they air conditione... 1 General
I uusally do my shopping in the centre but cant face it with this heat. Are the shopping malls like Porta di Rom...
started by: bonbon-869206 · last update: 1436966359 · posted: 1436469267
Play group or nursery for a two-year old... 1 Families & Kids
Hi, Is anyone aware of an English-language play group or nursery in Rome that accepts two-year olds and r...
started by: kittlitz · last update: 1436966192 · posted: 1436525420
London 10 years on 0 General
thinking of London and all those affected today 10 years after the 7/7 bombings. 
started by: jilly-861433 · last update: 1436309944 · posted: 1436309944
hot!! 1 General
My goodness I am melting! Anyone know when this heat is due to finish as I am hearing conflicting things ...
started by: parioli · last update: 1436133644 · posted: 1435689357