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I want to get all the info and cost on registering a UK car in Italy, it is a 2003 car

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i have recently moved to Italy from UK and am deciding whether to import my motorbike or just buy one here, it seems quite a convoluted process to deregister from the UK and then provide all the bureaucratic forms (translated to Italian) including a technical specification from the manufacturer(?). anyone done it? Advice?  Possibly only for two summers so not sure it's worth the hassle as I would then have to re-register in UK....

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anyone recommend whether I should look at car finance through a garage or bank? thanks  

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Hello Everyone. I'm hoping to go to Germany to buy a used car from a dealer there. Apart from the obvious caveats, does anyone have experienced advice for this process please? I'm asking for details related to the paperwork when registering it in Italy rather than the transaction within Germany although all info is very welcome. Incidentally, I'm trying to get a new Facebook group up & running so if anyone reads this in Rieti Province, or an adjacent area who has interest in the province, then please feel free to request to join at "Rieti Area English Speaking Community" Thanks!

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Had anyone used the Uber car service? Are they any good?

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anyone with experience of car sharing out there? Any recommendations re companies? thanks

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I need to sell a fantastic electric bike ..it's an expensive one . Male model! Does snyone know where best to do this ?      

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how do I go about getting the parking permission to be able to park in my residential area? thank you for any advice  

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can anyone tell me what administrative matters need to be undertaken when buying a new car? thank you

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I am looking for places to go for a nice bike ride. Any suggestions of places where I wouldnt be taking my life into my hands with the traffic?  

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Incase any of you drivers havent seen - tomorrow there is a block on traffic in the Green Zone from 7.30 to 12.30 and from 16.30 to 20.30 Buona Domenica!  

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am debating getting a scooter. never riden one or a motorbike..... has anyone any experiences of learning to ride one from scratch here in Rome? Am I crazy to be thinking about it?

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Hi, Does Italy have the same thing as France where holders of a B license can automatically drive up to what's roughly equivalent to a 125cc motorbike on the B license? Is it not mandatory to provide proof of having taken driving lessons before taking a driving test in Italy (and how likely is it to be able to pass the test in English or French?) Thx for any info!

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Hi i have been notified via email by a car hire company I used that I have got a motor fine. I haven't received anything in the post yet and a few weeks have past. should I be doing anything to chase it up or shall I just wait? any guidance welcomed thanks

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I have got a fine to pay for driving down a road with restricted access to vehicles bar public transport and I know for a fact I wasnt in that area that day. Has anyone any advice on how to appeal a fine? Or would it be cheaper just to pay it....

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Has anyone tried this service yet? I have spotted a few of the cars around and is starting to appeal. Would be interested in hearing about any experiences

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Hi I live in the UK and found two nice Italian reg. classic cars (1968) near Pisa which I would like to drive back to the UK. One is a private sale. The other an Italian garage. Questions                                                                                                      Answers: What is the process of buying/exporting an Italian classic car? Cost? Where in Italy or, the UK, can I get temporary (1 week) EU insurance on an Italian reg. classic car? If I can get temporary Italian insurance: Can I simply get the original Carta di Circulazione + Bill of Sale and drive it back on the seller's Italian reg plates? ( I will send back the original plates to the seller) Or, must I get an Export licence + temp. plates? If so, how long does this Export process take and where do I go? If the seller is an Italian garage:  Is it possible, they can they give me temporary EU insurance? Any advice would be most welcomed & appreciated. Many thanks  

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Hello everyone, Brand new to the forum,very helpful so far. My wife and I are two young professionals moving to Rome to work and were wondering if the more experienced of you have any helpful information on getting around for the year or so we will be there. I was planning on bringing my car over from Ireland but I am aware of EU laws and the fact that it must be regesterd within 6 months.I was wondering are such laws "set in stone" in Italy or would it be posssible to drive in my own car for the year I am there with out reprimand? Also,if the above is not an option does anyone have any information on other options other than to purchase,long term leasing etc? Any information at all would be very much appreciated. Cheers.  

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Having exchanged a UK driving license for an Italian - now understand I have to renew this every 2 years - currently the cost is €78 - this doesnt seem to square with UK law where my license is valid up until 70 yrs of age - another 15 yrs to go. E.U driving license information states that licenses should be valid from 10-15 yrs in member states. Does this agree with others understanding ? 

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Hello I live in the UK and  want to buy a 46 year old classic car off an italian car dealer who tells me that at the point of sale, he takes off the orignal plates, along with the original Carta di Circulazione, to tsend to he italian auto department. To UK import the car, I need the original Carta di Circulazione. The dealer will allow me to keep the plates and then send them back to him. wherupon, he will submit the plates + Carta back to the State auto department. I have insurance.  How can I drive it back +  import it when the  UK DVLA  (DMV) want the original Carta di Circulation (not a copy) + Bill of Sale + Certificate of Conformity? Do I have to become a 'resident' buy/ register + pay annual road tax & receive the plates and Carta? in order to buy/export the car? Would the Italian auto department accept a 'notorized' Carta + Bill of Sale?.    DVLA will only return the original carta di Circulatione to the Italian auto dept when the car has been imported. The car dealer is willing to drive the car to Ventimiglia and leave the plates for me to mail back to him from the UK. But he still has the original Carta di Circulazione, unless the Italian auto dept will accept the car dealer's 'notorized' Carta.  Does anyone know if the Italian State auto dept will accept a 'notorized' Carta? Can anyone suggest a way for me, a non Italian resident, to drive & import the car into the UK? Many thanks

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