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We’re visiting Rome with our four year old. I’m trying to find some cultural activities for him to do like pizza making, museum tour etc. Can anyone suggest any ideas? Thanks so much! 

started by: Joanne-860607 · last update: 1446474140 · posted: 1445275465

any ideas for a party for a 9 year old boy? Struggling for inspiration this year

started by: Paddy-860913 · last update: 1445275533 · posted: 1443644435

any idea what the official line is re taking kids out for a week in term time from state schools here? thanks

started by: kittlitz · last update: 1436966192 · posted: 1436525420

Hi, Is anyone aware of an English-language play group or nursery in Rome that accepts two-year olds and remains open during August? We will be staying in town and are desperately looking for ways of entertaining our son as my wife is heavily pregnant and won't be able to run around with him all day in the heat. Any ideas greatly appreciated!

started by: zucca · last update: 1436966131 · posted: 1433451692

what is everyone doing with their kids during the summer months - it is suddenly upon us and I have planned nothing!  

started by: limoncello · last update: 1430342620 · posted: 1429049689

i have my sister and her son visiting in a few weeks. Any suggestions re kid friendly things to do?

started by: antofurno@googlemal.com · last update: 1426691119 · posted: 1425777198

Hi, I am moving to Rome in 2 weeks and I am looking for an english speaker babysitter (mothers help) from 6 to 9 PM. I have 2 kids and I am going to live close Piazza Bologna-Piazza Annibaliano. Thank you   

started by: jwarthurs · last update: 1425505981 · posted: 1424990389

Hello - my family will be moving from the US to Rome for a year, starting in August 2015. I have two boys - 6 and 10 - and we're anxious for them to settle in and make friends. Both boys are extremely enthusiastic calciatori, and we would love to connect them to some kind of recreational soccer team. I realize that youth sports are rather different in Italy than in the US, but does anyone have any experience or information in this area? Anything would be much appreciated.

started by: jwarthurs · last update: 1425306907 · posted: 1425080292

Another post from me - my family will be spending a year in Monteverde Vecchio, and we are looking at schools for our two boys, 6 and 10. They have basically zero Italian; we'd consider public schools if we were staying for longer, but we're concerned that it would be a struggle for just one year. We've put in a few inquiries with international schools, but are getting a lot of negative responses - long wait lists, etc. And while we can afford to pay for some private schools, many are prohibitively expensive. Any suggestions about schools? I really appreciate the collective wisdom of the Angloinfo community!

started by: jflanne2 · last update: 1424891787 · posted: 1424891787

Hello! I am currently a study abroad student from the United States and I am looking for a part-time babysitting job around the Prati area. I speak some Italian, but English is my first language. I have classes during the day but am available after 4 PM, or earlier on some days, as well as available most weekends. I will be in Rome until May 16th, so I can babysit anytime until then. I am studying Elementary Education back in the US and have multiple experiences working with children of all ages. 

started by: jacky-869203 · last update: 1423687482 · posted: 1423175095

Do kids have the MMR here or are the vaccinations given separately does anyone know?thanks  

started by: apple pie-215941 · last update: 1421095311 · posted: 1420727570

I'm looking for information on activities for young English speaking teens (11-13yrs). These kids, who speak no italian, moving to Rome this summer. They will attend the American School. Are there good Public pools, skating rinks, parks, hiking... music or theater workshops... art classes, cooking classes, etc.? What are your children doing for activities? Any ideas are welcome and greatly appreciated.

started by: Joanne-860607 · last update: 1415259133 · posted: 1415259133

incase anyone has missed it on the news the schools in Rome are all closed today due to the severe weather warning  

started by: Joanne-860607 · last update: 1410993341 · posted: 1408348768

has anyone had any joy in persuading their state school to let their child have a packed lunch instead of school dinners? So fed up of my child not eating anything at lunch as he hates the school meals and me paying through the nose for the privilege.

started by: giusina · last update: 1410735773 · posted: 1410735773

Hello everyone, I am available to look after kids helping with their homeworks. I recently graduated in Digital Humanities at King's College, London and have a Humanist background with an Italian master Degree in Politics and Communication. I am trying to setup a business in Digital Publishing and meanwhile I need to save some money and practice my English. Moreover, I will be happy to help you with italian language and culture. I look forward to meet you :0  You can email me at giusinea82@gmail.com My number is +39 3473861482 I also have a UK number  +44 7835238705     

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are the once a day ones any good for kids (mine are quite olive skinned but would burn if no cream). And if so any good brands you could recommend anyone? thanks  

started by: KathyMoore · last update: 1387277945 · posted: 1387188163

I'm looking for a baby product that is essentially a sling that hooks to a door jam and allows the baby to jump up and down. Anybody have one they'd like to sell, or know where I can buy one in Rome?? It's for my grand-baby who is coming for Christmas. Yeah! Thx!

started by: Vittoria67 · last update: 1384985392 · posted: 1383859998

Hi Can anyone help me with a query. When do children swop from pedaetrician to GP here? Is there an age limit when this needs to happen by?

started by: MelissaR · last update: 1384897183 · posted: 1383987365

My family is moving to Rome for several months and I'm wondering where I might find good deals on toys (especially used) for my 3 1/2 year old.  We are only able to pack a few favorites to take with us, and since our stay is temporary, I really don't want to spend a fortune replacing things that we have back home.

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