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Hi Angloinfo community) Can you help me to find any dogecoin exchangers online? It's so hard to :ccc

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Hi thereCan I ask if there are any limits on time for companies in Italy to chase payment for invoices. We have a ruzzo bill that they are chasing from 2016, which we paid at the time but do not have the receipt for. I have explained this to them, but they are simply insisting that if we don't have the proof then we have to pay the bill again. ThanksMike 

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Hi - I am trying to find current information regarding registering residency with the Comune.  My situation is this:  I have just received my Permesso di Soggiorno which is good for 2 years.  It is required that I register with the Comune?  I currently have a "tourist" rental contract and my landlords are interested in extending it for 2 years, but, for whatever reason, they will not do a "resident" contract.  I have been told that the Comune will not accept a "tourist" rental contract, but I'd like to stay in the apartment.  Further, I already have a codice fiscale, I have private medical insurance from the U.S., and I don't know that I even want a driver's license here in Italy.  So, I need to know if I am required to register with the Comune and, if so, is there a time requirement within which to do so.  Also, if I don't register with the Comune, what other issues might I face down the road.  Thanks so much.

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Now a days, Market on wheels stays to be a booming business in Canada. I bought a truck and I am planning to sell traditional fast foods like burger, Fries and Hot Dogs. My father was a business man and I have been helping him for a long time. So this is not a new step for me. I am here to find an insurance company who provides commercial insurance that really helps in business. I already knew a few but I am searching for a good deal. Can anyone suggest?

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I am Mr. Raymond Braun, a registered loan lender/Investor. We offer loans to companies, individual and co-operate bodies. We offer project loan, startup loan, business development fund, personal loan, collateral/non collateral loan, debt loan ETC. The Minimum loan amount we offer is $10,000.00 and a maximum of $100,000,000.00 (2% Interest rate). So, do you want a loan or looking for an investor?, all types of loans are available here, Money paid into your account within 24 hours after approval. If you are interested in obtaining a LOAN, do not hesitate to send your request to us via e-mail: raybraun9@gmail.com

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Estate Protection If you are of relatively high net worth then you could give consideration to having some of your existing investments transferred in specie’ to a suitable International Portfolio Bond which will in turn 'sit within’ a suitable Trust ‘wrapper’. You can nominate any of your existing investment advisors to your Bond and new investments can be added at anytime.The advantages are:An offshore portfolio bond is a tax efficient wrapper that can hold a variety of assets like stocks and shares or mutual funds. This is a bond that adds the legal and tax shield of a life insurance policy to an investment portfolio. It is structured to simply combine a life insurance policy and a portfolio to create a wrapper that investors can buy, manage and sell their assets through. Although technically a Life Plan there is no medical underwriting nor any premium for life cover.The specific benefits of investing in offshore bonds depend upon your individual circumstances. The investment funds held within offshore bonds grow free of year-on-year taxation. Some of the individual funds within an Offshore Bond may be subject to a small amount of withholding tax. You won't be liable for capital gains tax when you sell a profitable stock and/or fund to purchase another stock and/or fund within your offshore portfolio bond. Offshore bonds are designed to be flexible, especially with regards to letting you take ad-hoc withdrawals, or to set up an income stream into an offshore bank account with a cheque book, internet banking and credit card attached.As mentioned above there exists the major benefit of you having the ability to 'transfer in' and consolidate some or all of your existing stocks, mutual fund and other investments. This gives you the tax efficiency and ease of administration of all assets held within the portfolio bond. It is often recommended that the Portfolio Bond in turn has a Trust ‘wrapped’ around it as this provides important protection against creditors and protection against any future claim being made by a divorcing spouse ! It also saves probate delays as well as having other important estate planning purposes. The Trust is free from cost. Eg. No set up cost, no annual fee.As the Bond is placed with an offshore insurer it does not suffer any income tax or Capital Gains Tax within the fund except for any un-reclaimable withholding tax that may have been applied. Any gains, dividends, rent or interest are taxed at 0% within the fund. In essence the Bond assets are compounding on a gross ‘roll up’ basis.The Companies that EFS uses for this class of business are located in regulated territories with significant Investor protection rules in place.We also wish to point out that all of the work as regards ‘signing off’ on stocks suitable for inclusion within a Portfolio Trust Bond, plus giving you relevant ‘feed-back’, as to the most suitable Trust ‘wrapper’ to use is carried out by the EFS ‘back office’with the assistance, when needed, of the legal and technical departments of the EFS "Product Providers".Kevin JenkinsDirector EFS Asset Management info@efssaveinvest.comwww.efssaveinvest.com

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hey guys, Ive lost a bag in Rome while I was there on a tour, was only there for 1 day and i think we left it in a taxi, but inside that bag was a engagement ring for my girlfriend =(i have insurance but they require a Police report from the country i lost it in, which was rome.I've had a look on some police websites but unable to find out where i can fill out a police report so i can get my engagement ring back on insurance.any help on this matter would be so helpful on where i can go online to fill one out.thank you!

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Hello everyone,This is a long shot but I am a bit desperate. Last weekend (6-9May) I spent in Rome. When I came home my compact camera was lost from the cabin bag where I am pretty sure I put it before I left. The cabin bag was locked with a codelock and by my side at all times so all I can think of is that it might have fallen out when I had to open the bag a couple of times at the Fiumicino airport; at the security check and in the tax free shop. My problem is to get hold of the lost and found department at Fiumicino. I am now wondering if anyone here could help me out? Many thanks in advance!

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any suggestions for a good accountant who speaks English and who is well versed in split incomes between UK and Italy? thanks  

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can anyone shed any light on what the changes will be to the permanent work contract under the new regulations?  

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anyone know what official status you need here as a foreigner to be able to get an Italian ID card?

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Dear All, Is there anyboidy who can clarify the following question: I have worked in Italy (Cassino) at a public university for 3 years. Then I left Italy (I'm a Russian citizen, so I went back to my homecountry). I have made INPS contributions over this time. Now, can I claim back the lump sum that I contributed into the INPS? Or should I only wait until I turn of the retirement age in my country of residence (Russia or not by that moment, I have no idea, suppose the former) and then claim a portion of my retirement pension from Italy to be transfered to me? Thank you in advance for any info on the matter. Cheers!  

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My late italian father died recently and we have inherited his property.   He has a rental contract on the first floor with a tenant .  My dad did not give notice to the tenant and now we realise the rental agreement  continues for a further 6 years.  I would like to  moderise this floor and use this apartment for family use when we come over to Italy for holidays and eventually live here.  The property has been inherited to my mother, brother and sister.  We have an italian tax code but not sure if we will have to wait for the contract to end  as we have missed the expiry contrsct date which was the 31st March.  The tenant has another property  in the village.  I would  like to arrange for an estate agent to value the property.  Please can you advise what we can do.  thank you very much for any help

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REAL ESTATE LEASES IN ITALY…KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!Some very important things to know before signing a lease agreement in Italy.  All too often I am  contacted by expats and foreigners who are more or less new to Italy and have run into problems with their lease agreements.   Nine times out of ten, they would have been much better off had they sought counsel prior to signing. Indeed, expats and foreigners are often understandably unfamiliar with Italian rules and customs regarding leases and do not have a full grasp of what they are signing and of their rights and duties under the lease itself. This can lead to costly consequences, given that the expat can unwittingly end up signing a lease that is heavily tilted in the owner’s favour. Here are some of the more common pitfalls I have encountered while reviewing draft leases prepared by owners for their tenants: Waivers by the tenant of important statutory rights such as the right to receive yearly interest payments on the security deposit (which can add up over time);  Waivers by the tenant of the owner’s statutory duties regarding the upkeep and maintenance of the property, so the tenant ends up being shouldered with expenses and duties that would otherwise fall upon the owner; Statements that do not accurately reflect the actual condition and state of maintenance of the property, and may subject the tenant to undue liability when the lease comes to an end;  Omission of clauses that could better safeguard the tenant’s interests, such as the right of early withdrawal from the lease;  Breach of statutory limits on the rental fees that sometimes apply to shorter term leases; Failure to verify the lessor's right to lease out the property, which can lead to truly unpleasant predicaments, such as third party claims against the lessee. These are just a few of the unpleasant surprises that can be found in lease agreements unwittingly signed by expats. Given that Italy is a place where, for better or for worse, the imagination can run wild… before signing a lease contract be sure to have an expert review it, help you get a full understanding of what you are signing, get rid of possible pitfalls, and better safeguard your interests.  Avv. Michael Louis Stiefel  

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Can anyone shed any light on what I have been hearing from a few people namely that a 20% tax is being introduced on all bank transfers from abroad coming into Italy?Thanks  

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I was traveling in Rome and had a camera stolen.  Since I was on the way to the airport to return home I wasn't able to go to the police to file a report.  I would like to submit an insurance claim, but they require a copy of a police report.  Is there some way I can file a Rome police report on-line?  I've visited the Italian Consolate, but they can't help because I'm not an Italian citizen.  I've visited the American Embassy web site, but they can't file Italian forms.  I've searched for a Rome police web page, but can't find anything.  I don't know if it's because my Italian is too poor or because nothing exists. Does anybody if this is even possible and if so how I could go about submitting a police report if I'm not physically there? (And getting a copy of it?) Thanks

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Hi, I'm an American citizen but am residing in Europe as a family member (so I've got residence permits for France and Germany). I've been offered a job in Rome and was told that I'd have to go through the entire non-EU citizen because my residence permits in France/Germany do not work. Apparently as part of the new procedure for non-EU citizens, I must already have the documents of where I'm going to live (in particular the "certificato di idoneità alloggiativa dell'immobile") BEFORE I leave the country. I'm having problems finding an apartment remotely, and asking for this document from prospective landlords is not helping. Does anyone know how critical it is to have this document or any pointers as to where I could look for long-term budget accommodation from a distance? Any pointers for other things I need to take care of before leaving for Italy would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance

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As a long term expat, I'd like to share some of my experience with fellow travellers or foreigners who may run into immigration problems, particularly when seeking to obtain a long term visa in Italy. So here's a brief overview of the remedies available in case of the denial of an application for an Italian visa as well as some hopefully useful  guidelines and principles to keep in mind when applying for a visa.Perhaps the single most important thing to do when applying for a visa is to use particular care in preparing your application and be sure to follow the instructions and document requirements for the specific type of entry visa you are seeking. A useful resource towards this end is provided by the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So, let's assume that you have carefully prepared your visa application and the supporting documentation and you run into difficulties, what are you up against and what remedies are on your side?The duty of the Consular Official to state the grounds of denialAlthough Consular Officials enjoy considerable latitude in evaluating visa applications, their discretionary powers are not limitless. First of all, as a general rule, the Consular Officials are required to indicate the grounds of the visa denial. Exceptionally, in the event that the application is for a tourist visa, the Consular Official is not obliged to state the grounds of the denial in the event that:1. the application is not supported by documentation showing the genuine purpose of the visit and that the applicant has sufficient means for his/her stay and for his/her return to his/her country of origin; or2. the applicant is perceived as a security threat because he/she is registered in the S.I.S. (Schengen Information System) or has been convicted of serious crimes in Italy.For other kinds of visas (employment, study, family unification, medical treatment, elective residence), the Consular Officials are always obliged to state the grounds of denial. Despite this, it is not uncommon for Consular Officials to fail to specify the grounds for the visa denial. Failure to state the grounds for the visa denial can constitute a valid reason to appeal the visa denial in Court and obtain its nullification.   The duty of the Consular Official to give the applicant advanced notice of intention to deny the visa applicationWhere there is a duty of the Consular Official to state the grounds of denial there is also a duty of the Official to give the visa applicant advanced notice of the intention to issue a denial, so that the applicant may submit observations and/or additional documentation that might lead the Consular Official to reverse his/her position and issue the visa. Failure by the Consular Official to abide by this duty of advanced notice can itself constitute a valid reason to appeal a subsequent visa denial. However, if during the Court proceedings it is found that, regardless of the additional observations and/or documentation that the applicant could have submitted had he properly received advanced notice, the visa would have been denied anyways, then this reason for appeal becomes irrelevant. Watch out for Abuses of power!It is not uncommon for Consular Officials to base visa denials upon erroneous factual premises or an incomplete or partial assessment of the application and of its supporting documentation. Under such circumstances, it may be possible to challenge the visa denial in Court alleging an abuse of power ("eccesso di potere"). If the Court holds that indeed the Consular Official's assessment of the application was based upon an erroneous, incomplete, or contradictory assessment of the relevant facts, then the Court may nullify the denial itself on the basis of a perceived abuse of power. The effects of the Court nullification of the visa denial It should be noted that, due to the principle of separation of powers between the Courts and State Agencies, the Regional Administrative Court, when it nullifies the visa denial, does not and can not encroach upon the authority of the Consulate. Therefore, following the nullification of the visa denial the Consulate has a legal duty to re-examine the visa application, taking into account the contents of the Court decision, and issue a new decision. Time is of the essenceIf you receive a denial of your visa application, you should bear in mind that there is a 60-day time limit for lodging an appeal against the denial itself. If you let that time limit lapse, then the denial becomes definitive and can not be overturned in the Courts. The appeal of the visa denial must be lodged before the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (Rome). I hope the above is helpful to someone and would welcome any questions or comments!   Michael Louis Stiefel  

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Hi, i'm thinking of relocating to Italy with my family in 2014 but would like to talk to an accountant before making the move to get some tax advice. Does anyone have any recommendations for accountants or tax advisors they have used? thanks Giles 

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Hello, I am moving to Rome in June and i am kind of concerned about what to do when I get there. Perhaps someone has had an experience similar to mine and could point me in the right direction. I currently live in Canada, I am moving (quite suddenly) to Rome on May 24. I went to my local Italian consulate today to get my Italian passport, but the consular official warned me that I might not get my passport in time for my departure. He said that since I am an Italian citizen I shouldn't have a problem at the airport, but then said something about me needing a work contract....and then he changed his mind?!?!?! It was all very confusing...Anyways he said that he was going to try his hardest to get the process moving quickly, so hopefully that will work out. but if it doesn't... has anyone had an experience similar to this? when I get to the airport should I just not mention that I am permanently moving to Italy...and just go to the appropriate office to remove my name from the AIRE to my new address in Rome (which for now I don't have...I will be in a hotel until I find a place). I only have a one way ticket, which they might notice and then I will be force into saying that I am planning on staying in the country for a while. Should I have a certain amount of money in my bank account? in case they worry that I will show up and drain their resources... I am planning on returning to the consulate before I relocate but any guidance from someone who has been through a similar experience is appreciated. Thank you.   PS. I am going to school in Rome to get a CELTA cert. (teaching english as second language) then I plan on TRYING to find a job teaching english...should I mention this if they ask what my plans are?

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