Estate Protection

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Estate Protection If you are of relatively high net worth then you could give consideration to having some of your existing investments transferred in specie’ to a suitable International Portfolio Bond which will in turn 'sit within’ a suitable Trust ‘wrapper’. You can nominate any of your existing investment advisors to your Bond and new investments can be added at anytime.The advantages are:An offshore portfolio bond is a tax efficient wrapper that can hold a variety of assets like stocks and shares or mutual funds. This is a bond that adds the legal and tax shield of a life insurance policy to an investment portfolio. It is structured to simply combine a life insurance policy and a portfolio to create a wrapper that investors can buy, manage and sell their assets through. Although technically a Life Plan there is no medical underwriting nor any premium for life cover.The specific benefits of investing in offshore bonds depend upon your individual circumstances. The investment funds held within offshore bonds grow free of year-on-year taxation. Some of the individual funds within an Offshore Bond may be subject to a small amount of withholding tax. You won't be liable for capital gains tax when you sell a profitable stock and/or fund to purchase another stock and/or fund within your offshore portfolio bond. Offshore bonds are designed to be flexible, especially with regards to letting you take ad-hoc withdrawals, or to set up an income stream into an offshore bank account with a cheque book, internet banking and credit card attached.As mentioned above there exists the major benefit of you having the ability to 'transfer in' and consolidate some or all of your existing stocks, mutual fund and other investments. This gives you the tax efficiency and ease of administration of all assets held within the portfolio bond. It is often recommended that the Portfolio Bond in turn has a Trust ‘wrapped’ around it as this provides important protection against creditors and protection against any future claim being made by a divorcing spouse ! It also saves probate delays as well as having other important estate planning purposes. The Trust is free from cost. Eg. No set up cost, no annual fee.As the Bond is placed with an offshore insurer it does not suffer any income tax or Capital Gains Tax within the fund except for any un-reclaimable withholding tax that may have been applied. Any gains, dividends, rent or interest are taxed at 0% within the fund. In essence the Bond assets are compounding on a gross ‘roll up’ basis.The Companies that EFS uses for this class of business are located in regulated territories with significant Investor protection rules in place.We also wish to point out that all of the work as regards ‘signing off’ on stocks suitable for inclusion within a Portfolio Trust Bond, plus giving you relevant ‘feed-back’, as to the most suitable Trust ‘wrapper’ to use is carried out by the EFS ‘back office’with the assistance, when needed, of the legal and technical departments of the EFS "Product Providers".Kevin JenkinsDirector EFS Asset Management


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