Registering Residency at the Comune

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Hi - I am trying to find current information regarding registering residency with the Comune.  My situation is this:  I have just received my Permesso di Soggiorno which is good for 2 years.  It is required that I register with the Comune?  I currently have a "tourist" rental contract and my landlords are interested in extending it for 2 years, but, for whatever reason, they will not do a "resident" contract.  I have been told that the Comune will not accept a "tourist" rental contract, but I'd like to stay in the apartment.  Further, I already have a codice fiscale, I have private medical insurance from the U.S., and I don't know that I even want a driver's license here in Italy.  So, I need to know if I am required to register with the Comune and, if so, is there a time requirement within which to do so.  Also, if I don't register with the Comune, what other issues might I face down the road.  Thanks so much.


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