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Hey everyone,I am looking for an inexpensive source for pure vital wheat gluten flour. The only source I have found was health food store and it was crazy expensive! Also we would love to get a bunch of fresh carob pods. They grow down by Sicily but haven't found a way to get any. 

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Anyone got tips for vegan restaurants, where to source vegan wine or the best dairy-free gelato? We'd love to hear about them. We especially love Bibliothe near Largo di Argentina for an ayurvefic Indian thali. The vegan carbonara at Baylon cafe in Trastevere is great also!

started by: Vanessa R · last update: 1438850790 · posted: 1438637341

to save the disappointment and waste of money - which are the best tea bags people have found that taste like ones from the UK? thanks :)  

started by: Michaelangelo's mate · last update: 1435169384 · posted: 1434401048

What are the best options for me to organise transport from fiumicino into Rome for a client?Thanks  

started by: Helen-860914 · last update: 1432856165 · posted: 1431470200

anyone got any tips re how to do a good Cacio pepe recipe? It's my fave pasta dish and tried making it tonight and was vile! 

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what do we reckon is the best gelateria in Rome? Am on a mission to try all the good ones

started by: lavitabella · last update: 1431353931 · posted: 1431034474

anyone know a good Thai restaurant in Rome?  

started by: Joanne-860607 · last update: 1430994786 · posted: 1430424362

my local fruit and veg guy persuaded me to buy a load of freshly shelled peas today - they looked lovely and he is very persuasive but now I have them I have no idea what to do with them (bar as a side dish). Any recipe suggestions to share?  

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hi  have got visitors next month and am hoping (if weather improves!) to take my guests to a bar for drinks and am looking for somewhere with a good view over the city. Any suggestions?  

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I have been very kindly been given a glut of (mainly) green tomatoes. And I dont know what to do with them! Any ideas or do I just wait for them to ripen?  

started by: Lee-867748 · last update: 1427145168 · posted: 1427145168

how can I tell if mozzarella is of a good quality or not?

started by: Sally-861260 · last update: 1421966964 · posted: 1420670687

give me your soup recipes! Diet starts tomorrow and soup is going to play a big part in it. thanks :)  

started by: Robbie-862422 · last update: 1418848637 · posted: 1418676881

has anyone found anywhere that sells Stollen? thanks

started by: Pidge-922951 · last update: 1416816522 · posted: 1416816522

where can I purchase the wax discs to cover the top of preserves?

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Hi,  We will be arriving to Rome on 30th for 3-4 days.. Our hotel is walking distance to Piazza Navona..  We are travelling with our 2 children (6 year old and 8 year old) and I was trying to find a restaurant for New years Eve, close to where we are staying..    I have lived in Rome in the past but decades ago...  We would like a great Italian restaurant for the evening, large enough so you can get in the New Years Eve spirit rather than a very small family type restaurant..   Kids love pasta, meat.. Not so much seafood.. We (parent) eat anything Italy has to offer..   We will probably head back to hotel 23:00 ish to watch the fireworks from terrace..  So looking for a restaurant that will have us 20:00 - till 23:00, serving amazing food ........... Any recommendations would be highly appreciated...  Seda 

started by: parioli · last update: 1411506055 · posted: 1410901527

Anyone got a foolproof dessert recipe that will appeal to Italian tastes they can share with me please?  thankyooou

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anyone got a good traditional Easter lamb recipe? thanks

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Has anyone got a good cookie recipe they care to share. By cookie I mean the chewy,double choc style ones you just cant find in Italy but you get in bags of 5 in the bakery section of Sainsburys :). I have tried a few times but they always turn out brittle thank you

started by: Robosalsa · last update: 1395694930 · posted: 1395432458

Does anyone know where in Rome one can buy instant oatmeal, like the kind that Quaker Oats makes in the US in a little brown packet and you just add hot water and it's ready in a moment? All I can find is the stuff you have to cook for 10-15 minutes.  Thanks!

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