A little Extra Money? UK TV

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If you fancy earning a little extra money, consider showing your fellow Expats our UK TV system. You can receive every UK TV channel (BBC, ITV, CH4 etc), have 14 day catch up and UK radio stations and we also have Premium and Film on demand options as well, starting at 16 euro a month. We have two "partner" ways of earning money1. We pay 30 euro for every system that is installed from your recommendationor2. You can set up your own business, charge your own rates and collect the income.Anyone can do it, you just need friends that would like to watch UK Tv, take a look at our website www.uktv4italia.com and at the very worse, you may get UK TV !No pressure, no chasing - you will get all the help, but you can do as much or as little as you need.We are an English company based near Lucca - so always English help on the end of the telephone.Thanks for readingmy email is richard@europasat.comt: 3665200656


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