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Beingan expat or a tourist can sometimes be a lonely, as well as an exciting experience.Homesickness, loneliness and worry can strike out of the blue when you’re far fromhome. If you’re feeling isolated and in need of someone safe to talk thingsthrough with, Counterweave Anima can help.  Williamand Felicity are experienced counselling and Reiki practitioners atCounterweave Anima in Monti, in the heart of Rome.  We can provideconfidential advice, support or positive healing energy in person or via Skype. Youcan book online through the Counterweave Anima website https://counterweave.com/counterweave/anima/book-appointment/or email us at william@counterweave.com

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Why does it seem like Addictions - alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling and the like, are such subjects folks don't want to talk about here in Italy?I know personally from working in this field for a while that there are a lot of people suffering from addictions and behavioral disorders. I know them personally, their families, friends, loved ones. BUT why does it seem no one wants to talk about it? Addiction is not contagious. There are a lot of factors that contribute to someone becoming an "addict" but getting addicted by touching someone with an addictions isn't one of them.  My name is Evyan and I am working in Rome at the only Outpatient treatment center that caters to English speaking clients and I am here to help remove the stigma of addiction. I'd like to help others start talking about addiction. I am involved with a program called Drugs Over Dinner which was developed in the US. Together we can help open the dialogue to start talking, and start saving lives.If you, your school or place of work, or even your family and friends, would like to have a open frank talk about Drugs and other addictions, I am at your service. Check out the programme - its pretty wonderful. And actually you may not even need me, but I am just putting it out there that I am here to help! http://drugsoverdinner.org/#introPlease don't be afraid to talk about drugs or alcohol or anorexia or bulimia or other addictions - the only thing to fear is what happens IF YOU DON'T START TALKING NOW.

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Which of the following about your life wouldyou wish were different?- Enthusiasm and sense of purpose in yourrelationship, in your family, in your social life, in your career.- Effective communication with your children, with your partner, withcolleagues.- Self-esteem and self-confidence.- Rules and boundaries with your pre-adolescents and adolescents.What is it costing you to stay where you arein terms of time, energy, emotions, finances and relationships?In what ways would your life be different ifyou achieved your desires/made some changes?Specialities: Coaching divorced orunfulfilled women, trailing spouses, expats/internationalsCoaching is a process that supports andinspires you to create the positive changes you want in all areas of your life.As your Coach I will help you get unstuck and move your plans forward tosuccessful manifestation.Contact me for a complimentary session:beacarafa@gmail.com 

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Mindfulness is a life skill which  has thirty years of research behind it demonstrating the effects of the practice.  Mindfulness practitioners have lower levels of physiological stress, a more flexible and optimistic outlook on life, greater self-compassion and self-awareness, a reduction in the intensity of negative emotions, an improved ability to concentrate, and a higher tolerance for the risk associated with stepping outside one’s comfort zone.  Practiced consistently, in other words, mindfulness cultivates well-being and resilience.This course is based on the curriculum and ethos of the eight-week standard programmes in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) developed by Jon Kabat Zinn, and  Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) developed by Mark Williams et al.  For details please see  https://mindfulnessinrome.com. To reserve a place or for any questions, please contact Pam Powers on 328 087 1869 or pamelapowers53020@gmail.com.Pamela Powers, (BA psychology, Smith College, MA; THP: NSHAP, London; certified teacher, Mindfulness in Schools Project, UK; ACT and MBCT teacher training, Mindfulness Training Ltd, London; twenty-five years of personal practice in meditation and mindfulness disciplines), has been training individuals, groups, and organisations in mindfulness for the past twelve years.  She has a private practice in mindfulness-based psychotherapy and one-to-one training, and leads courses on various applications of mindfulness drawing on research-based methods including mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MCBT).

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provides psychotherapy for all mental health issues.  S. Giovanni area.  Experienced and licensed.  Call Rose Kazma 3335822808

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has some knowledge or experience in regards to Residency permit and the Health Insurance requirement. I'm a EU citizen relocating to Rome from the UK in 2016. I have read up on the doucments I need when in Italy  but unsure If I require Health Insurance in Order to obtain my residency permit. As a EU Citizen Am I still require to purchase Health Insurance? I have search the internet for advice and clarification but have no luck. Also any recommendations for decent affordable insurance providers would be great. Thanks for you help in advance Martin

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any idea of a good zumba class in the parioli area? x

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any ideas how it is possible to see which pharmacies are open over the summer without trekking all over! thanks  

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I was wondering if anyone has found an effective spot cream here in Italy? Would really appreciate suggestions  

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despite my years here I still managed to go to the beach yesterday and burn (with high factor as well!). Its not agony but it is uncomfortable. Any suggestions re good treatment? 

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Any idea how much an ECG costs on the "ticket"? Trying to decide whether to go private and want to see if much difference in price. thanks  

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anyone know if there any remedies available over the counter for irritable bowel syndrome? thanks  

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any suggestions re a good spa to visit? I need a treat!

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any idea how much it costs on average for a tooth filling here?  

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Hello. Does anybody know a good psychologist specialised in autism spectrum disorders and able to work with pre-teen children in Rome? Thank you very much.

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any idea how often you are advised to have mammograms in Italy?

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Anyone know what combination of medication is best for using for aerosol treatment for blocked sinuses? Cant get hold of my doctor and have a load of liquids from past prescriptions in the cupboard but completely forgotten amounts etc thanks  

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