Counselling and Reiki available in central Rome

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Beingan expat or a tourist can sometimes be a lonely, as well as an exciting experience.Homesickness, loneliness and worry can strike out of the blue when you’re far fromhome. If you’re feeling isolated and in need of someone safe to talk thingsthrough with, Counterweave Anima can help.  Williamand Felicity are experienced counselling and Reiki practitioners atCounterweave Anima in Monti, in the heart of Rome.  We can provideconfidential advice, support or positive healing energy in person or via Skype. Youcan book online through the Counterweave Anima website email us at

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Evyan-Donch-862183 1508425550

This looks great! Would love to hear more and meet! Evyan

Felicity-Griffin Clark-869769 1508427563

great! let's set up a time - my email is

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