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Hi, does anyone know where I can find installation regulations for Italy for wood burning stoves? Thanks in advance!

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Greetings All,We are kind of new to Tuscany and I am very excited to get ready for the coming gardening season! I am looking for a source of bulk mushroom and or other compost. Is there anyone who delivers for reasonable? I am in the Pisa area. I would love to have someone to talk to who has been gardening here for a while! 

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We are professional house/pet sitters with excellent references and do not charge for our services. We are registered on all the major house sitting websites. We've been house/pet sitting for over 4 years now and run an online business from the homes we care for in addition to: Pet sitting, Pool/House Maintenance, Light Gardening, Security, Mail Collection etc. We prefer assignments that are 4-6 months or longer and are currently booking Fall/Winter 2016 and Spring/Summer 2017. Thanks for your consideration!Sincerely,Laura

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while this freezing weather lasts I could really do with more heat in my flat but it is all connected with the condominuim so we have the same hours and temperatures all round. Any idea if is the done thing to challenge this?

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Hi all, We are currently living in Brittany, France and we are marketing our house - in which we have lived permanently for 5 years - due to imminent move back to the UK. We have loved life here, but feel the climate is too similar to the UK for it to actually feel like a holiday home once we have moved back, and we are putting out some feelers to see if there is anyone selling their house who may be interested in a permanent property swap/exchange. Our house is being marketed for 167,000 euros.

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I have been told by people in floor under me that there are small bits of my balcony flaking off and am a bit worried as dont want anyone getting hit (or my balcony disintegrating!) Any ideas what the steps to check it out should be? Am,on the 5th floor so not easy

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So, I've found the model I want and several Online retailers sell it. I can't find it anywhere in any "high street" shops. Not one retailer will deliver this 115kg appliance into my apartment, only as far as street level. I'm in my fifties, female and weigh half what the fridge weighs! What am I supposed to do? Is there a secret to this problem? Most of Italy lives above ground level yet no one will deliver anything up stairs. Madness!

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am looking to decorate our flat as is very much in need of a lick of paint. Where is the best place for me to get good value paint from?

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any advice on what I need to buy to redo the paint on the metal bar screens we have on all our windows?

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Any tips for keeping white clothing white? I don't want to use bleach as it is so harsh on fabric. All my white clothing slowly turns gray in Italy.

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Help! I regularlybuy plants for my little balcony and regularly kill them! What are the easiest fool proof, hardiest plants I can buy?

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I am looking for some reasonably priced throws for my sofas and all the ones I have found are really small. Any suggestions of where to look? I want something that will cover the entire sofa completely

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Hi there Where can I get new Christmas decorations from that don't cost the extortionate amount I saw they cost in Piazza Navona this weekend?thanks  

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Any good stain removers you can point me in the direction of? Have tried Vanish as its a familiar name but doesnt seem to do much  

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I was given a lemon tree a week ago for my balcony. I have planted it in a bigger tub, it seems healthy and then for the last few days the leaves seems to be falling off easily (they arent going brown) and they are curling in on themselves.Any ideas? Am not a natural with plants and would be gutted if I see it off as was a present.

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Have just moved to the eur area and am after a reliable electrician to do a few jobs in the new apartment. Does anyone know anyone? English or Italian? thanks

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Hello Myself and my wife are thinking of moving to Rome but as I am in the UK everytime I search for flats google only shows holidy flats to rent. Could some one point me in the right direction of a website that has flats on a 12 month contracts.    

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Hello, I am seeking outdoor furniture for a balcony - a few chairs, a table, perhaps a bench. Anything folding would be particularly good. Do you have any you are looking to get rid of?

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Hello everybody, next week I will moved from my small flat and I'll spended 3 months in my grandmother's cottage. There is a wonderful vegetable garden and I would use it to learn to cultivate something. What about planting sunflowers? They are my favorite blooms! I've never cultivated anything, so every help will be appreciated :)

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my kitchen work surface has some tea cup ring stain on it I cant remove. Can anyone recommend a product that would get rid of them? thanks v much

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