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I have an unexpected litter of kittens and they all need homes. Any suggestions? I live in Cassino which is about 90 minutes from Rome. Thanks.

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any suggestions? The apartment isnt huge so would need to be a breed that isnt too big thankyou!

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are dogs allowed on beaches generally or not does anyone know? I like dogs as much as the next person but am getting really irate by the fact that a few are regularly on the beach I go to. Dont want to say anything unless I know what the score it though cheers  

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I leave my pooch in the flat all day while I go to work. Does anyone know of a company offering a dog walking service who are 100% reliable and professional? juju

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Anyone know what vaccinations a dog is meant to have here and how much they cost? thanks

started by: Andrew-861707 · last update: 1410302322 · posted: 1408657896

I have inherited a dog and was wondering what the procedure is to bring her over from the uk? any ideas? Thanks

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we are going away for 3 weeks and have what has proved so far to be a very resiliant goldfish we are leaving to its own devices. At the moment he is in a standard plastic tank. What do I need to do and buy to make sure he survives? And any good fish shops round the Prati area to get my supplies from? thanks

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Is the climate OK to keep rabbits on a terrace here in Rome does anyone know? thanks

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Anyone had any experience of kennels they could recommend? I have a very spoilt poodle who I have to leave for a few weeks while I go abroad for work and want to find somewhere I can trust.

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Hi, my cat died last month and I'd get another one. I've already a dog, is it a problem?

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Hello, my boyfriend loves animals, in particolar the exotic ones. I'd like to give him as a gift an iguana. Is there anybody who has this animal? Could it live in a small flat?  

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On July I'm planning a trip: my friends and I'll visit Europe by camper. I have a cat, Lincoln, that is 3 years old. I don't want leave it alone! Is it better to look for a summer room or to bring it with us? It is like a son for me!

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Felix, my cat, which I got a few weeks ago, keeps jumping up on the table when I'm eating. How can I train her stop?

started by: daria-897852 · last update: 1366133077 · posted: 1365182448

I'm considering getting my first dog, but I live in an apartment. Can anyone recommend a good breed?

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Hello everyone. Am new to this forum and was hoping for some advice re an aggressive Tom cat who keeps attacking our cats. I dont think it is a stray but have no idea who he belongs to, just that he comes into our garden and attacks our 2 regularly. I dont want to keep ours in all the time but am thinking might be the only option. Thanks for reading

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Hello, I've never posted on here before but need some help. I Work out of Italy every week and the place I live (Ariccia near Ciampino, Rome). I have came outside on separate occasions and found TINY KITTENS outside. This obviously is hard for me to deal with as I am from the UK And never seen such a small animal left on its own.Because of the nature of my work I simply CANT care for these animals, I desperately need advice and help on what to do. It just seems to be the normal here in Italy with tiny kittens abandoned??Please does ANYONE have any advice?Contact me via email place: andycelt2001@hotmail.comRegards,Andrew

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Hi! looking for a ferret sitter urgently :/ please contact me as soon as possible!

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Has anyone got any experience of this? Can I self medicate him and if so with what or does it need a trip to the vets do you think?

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Would be helpful as am realising my Italian is woeful when it comes to technical/health terms. Cheers Paddy

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Hi I want to get a fish tank and fish for my birthday. Can anyone recomend easy to keep fish to start me off. Am haunted by memories of dead goldfish from the fair when was a child!

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