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Greetings from London,I'm an English-Irish Christian working towards a Festival in honour of John Paul II,and looking for part time work and accomodation in Rome for a couple of weeks.Monsignor Vladimir at Francis house in London runs a JPII sports organization,and is as fit as a fiddle-with at least 400 press ups daily (Smiles).He has encouraged me to visit Rome,Pontifical council for culture,foundation JP2.org,and of course The Vatican,to get some advice and Community Support for these ideas.You can check our JPII Radio Group at Facebook to get an idea of the project https://www.facebook.com/groups/1037791766238396/ thanks for your understanding,kind regards,your Christian brother,Patrick Buckley.

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Hi,I'm looking to start Rome's first netball club! Whether you are an ex-player, a newbie, looking for sport, fun or a weekly meet up, everybody is welcome.Netball is a great excuse to have some fun, play some sport and meet new people. We did this in Paris six years ago and today there is a strong club with a big following who meet up twice a week and participate in european tournaments for ex-pat teams like this.So if you want to be part of something new, join the FB group and as soon as we have the numbers we can get on court! Let's create Rome's first netball team - don't forget to tell your friends and see you soon!https://www.facebook.com/groups/1611592275824255/

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any good hiking trails around Rome? Nothing too difficult though thanks  

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We are hoping to visit Rome and Florence in late Feb. We live in france. The loose plan is to fly to Rome, stay three nights, train to Florence, stay two nights, train back to Rome and fly home. To those who live there does this sound like a feasible plan? Any information regarding Hotels, transport, where to go and when, costs etc would be very welcome. We are looking for reasoably central hotels in both locations but very happy to walk. Mid range hotels hopefully not too expensive.. All information gratefully received. Many thanks.

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I want to get tickets for the tennis in May but never having been before I have no idea re best seats (of the cheaper options....) and best combination/package to go for. Any experts who can advise?  

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Any ideas how much a private lesson for a kid will cost in tennis?

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are there any bowling alleys in Rome? Random question - can't remember ever seeing any?

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cant find it anywhere?

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Anyone know how I go about getting tickets for the home leg of Roma v Man City? cheers

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Anyone know which lakes outside Rome are reachable by train? thanks

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any idea of a reasonably priced, reasonably central open air pool in the city? thanks  

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Hi, does anyone know of a club or spors centre that has badminton courts?

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Any suggestions for good pubs to watch the World Cup in? Am looking for quality beer and a relaxed atmosphere, nowhere where there might be a bit of aggro.... thanks

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Hi, Does anyone know of an indoor bouldering hall in the center of Rome? I see there's Rock & Walls and ASD Vertical Park, but both are kind of far out... Thx!

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Hi, Does anyone know where to find used bicycles with minimum 7 gears for under €70? I've tried the shops at Porta Portese (more new bikes than used), the Sunday flea market at Porta Portese, several shops, classified ads such as on subito.it but with no luck.... Any help appreciated!

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Any idea of the quietest weekend day normally at the Campo Felice ski resort?

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Does anyone know of a good place for tennis lessons in central or northern Rome? For a complete novice! Thank you  

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Is there any round up programmes of the Winter Olympics on terrestrial tv does anyone know? cheers

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can anyone recommend a Roma match in the next few months to take my small son and a friend to? Looking for something that isnt a traditional trouble game thanks

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Any idea anyonehow easy it is to get tickets for one of the semi finals/final of the tennis in Rome in May? thanks  

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