Bars & Night Clubs: Gay & Lesbian

Babadus Bar
On the ground floor there is a bar and tables, upstairs hosts MPB shows and a dancefloor. R. Melo Peixoto, 1.139, Tatuape. Friday and Saturday 21:00-04:00; Sunday 19:00-00:00.
Club in Jardins with 4 different themed rooms and 2 dance floors. Friday nights has the Life Festival party. Al. Franca, 1.368 - Jardim Paulista. Thursday to Saturday 23:30-06:00; Sunday 19:00-01:00. (GLS)
Blue Space
House and techno club with resident and guest DJs. Drag queens and go-go dancers. R. Brig. Galvao, 723, Barra Funda, Centro. Saturday 23:00-06:00, Sunday 19:00-01:00. Club holds 1,500 people.
Bubu Lounge
Principally for men the DJs play house, tribal and progressive dance music. Saturdays the resident DJ spins techno and electro. Wednesday to Saturday from 23:30, Sunday 19:00-24:00. Rua Dos Pinheiros, 791.
The Week
Gay and lesbian dance club with featured guest DJs. R. Guaicurus, 324, Agua Branca. Saturday 00:00-08:00.
Megga Fun
New club in Barra Funda (just for men) opens 26th September 2009. There is just one big event each month. Rua Achilles Orlando Curtolo, 646, Barra Funda
Picasso bar holds 700 people who dance to classic 80s and 90s house, electro and rock. Picasso Bar R. Alvaro de Carvalho, 35 Centro. Saturday only starting from 23:30.
Gay-friendly restaurant with French, Italian, Brazilian and mixed cuisine. Alameda Franca 1088, Jardins. Metro: Consolacao.
Meow Club
Used to be called Ultradiesel. Gay and lesbian nightclub in downtown Sao Paulo with American DJs. Club holds 1500 people and is open Friday and Saturday nights from midnight until 06:00 am. R. Mq. de Itu, 284, Vila Buarque, Centro.
Tapas Club
Gay friendly club in Sao Paulo. Recently opened club on Rua Augusta. Rua Augusta, 1.246 - Consolacao - Centro. Tuesday to Saturday 20:00 - 05:00; Sunday 18:00 - 01:00.
Cafe Vermont
Traditional gay meeting point for Paulistanos, centrally located bar with live music and restaurant. Av. Dr. Viera de Carvalho, 10, Republica.
Piaf Bar & Bistro
Hidden between residential buildings in the fashionable Jardins this Gay and lesbian bar with a French theme serves salads, risotos, crepes and caviar canapes. Drinks include Brahma and wines. Al. Franca, 303, Jardim Paulista.
The oldest gay club in Sao Paulo features regular drag queen parties with resident DJs spinning tribal beats. Club holds 190 people and opens from 23:00-05:30 Friday and Saturday and 18:00-00:00 Sundays. R. da Consolacao, 2554, Cerqueira Cesar.
Mary Pop Dinning Club
Gay friendly. Inspired by the classic film Mary Poppins, club & restaurant. Buffet service for lunch & a la carte for dinner. Electronic music. Rua Br. de Campinas, 375 -Campos Eliseos. Club - Friday & Saturday 23:00 & 24:00. Restaurant -
Bar da Fran
Small bar, discreet decoration and staff. Live music sessions followed by DJ music. Menu has American, Brazilian, French, Italian and Oriental choices. R. dos Pinheiros, 735, Pinheiros. Friday and Saturday from 21:00.
A revival of the disco glamor era with resident and guest DJs. After-hours parties until 17:00. Friday to Sunday open from 23:00. Lgo. do Arouche, 32, Centro.
O Gato
Bar serving sandwiches, bottled lager and draft beers. Thursday to Saturday from 22:00, Sunday from 21:00. R. Frei Caneca, 462, Consolacao - Centro.
Late night gay and lesbian (mainly girls, but also frequented by heterosexuals) club in Sao Paulo. Tuesday to Thursday 24:00-06:00, Saturday and Sunday 24:00-10:00; Sunday 20:00-06:00. Rua Frei Caneca, 916 Consolacao, Centro.
Flex Club
A giant shed in Barra Funda hosts 2,000 people. Outside open-air area and snooker tables. DJs play all aspects of electronic music. Av. Marques de Sao Vicente, 1.767 A - Varzea da Barra Funda. Saturday 23:00-07:30. (GLS)
Farol Madalena
A bar and restaurant frequented by girls of various ages, but mainly by the 30 to 40 age group. Bohemia and Original bottled lager. Thursday to Saturday 19:00-02:00. Sunday 17:00-00:00. R. Jerico, 179, Sumarezinho, west region of Sao Paulo.
Boca Club
Red and black decorated club with a dancefloor on the ground floor and upstairs a lounge with a snooker table. Rua Augusta, 902 - Consolacao - Centro. Thursday to Saturday from 21:00. Matinée on Saturday 16:00-21:00. (GLS)