Blogs: Living in Sao Paulo

American Living in Sao Paulo
American wife of a Brazilian husband newly arrived and navigating the huge city of Sao Paulo.
Birds in Brazil
Blog and photos on Brazilian birds, both common and exotic written by a Canadian expatriate in Aguas da Prata (SP).
Sao Paulo Restaurant Reviews
An American living in Sao Paulo has been keeping track of all the restaurants she has visited, and reviewing the food and atmosphere.
Blog TKD
A foreigner from America writes about his dealing with the notorious Brazilian bureaucracy and the growing costs of relocating to Brazil, applying for visas and the waiting game.
Brazilian World Cup Divorce
Different perspectives of Brazil and in particular Sao Paulo as seen through the eyes of a foreigner, world cup and football observations of a country obsessed by football.
the book is on the table
Social worker from the UK who specialized in working with refugees, became a migrant himself after moving to Sao Paulo. Blogging about attempts to adjust to life in Brazil.
Walking the Amazon
Ed Stafford ex-British Army officer is the first person to walk the Amazon river from source to the sea. The journey will take 2 years and your can see Eds blog on his website.
The American Societys 2009 Angel Party
The 10th anniversary American Society Angel Party has a blog website with regular blogs from the organizers. The party aims to help 220 children in Sao Paulo from under-privelaged backgrounds. Children can be sponsored for a small donation.
Blondie In Brazil
A blondie in Brazil explains how she sees the cultural adventure of living in Brazil. Observations on supermarket shopping in Brazil, vegetarian restaurants and Brazilians bad habits.
Soul Sampa
Urban experiences blog on street art tours and graffiti in Sao Paulo.
Greg and Caths Adventures
Everyday life in Brazil by a New Zealander; articles on renting a house, living in Sao Paulo and more.
Abacaxi and Hortelã
Blog and photos by a Dutch expatriate in Sao Paulo. Articles on everyday life, decorating, cooking and more.
Liberdade: a Walking Tour of Sao Paulo’s “Japant...
Jeffrey Lesser writes about a walking tour of 3 hours in Sao Paulos Japanese quarter - Liberdade.