Cybercafes & Public Internet Access

Full Vision
Internet, cyber cafe, CVs typing service. Rua Estilo Barroco, 1486 - Chacara Santo Antonio - Santo Amaro.
Yesnet Quicklink Cyber Office
Internet cafe with wifi access (small fee charged) Av. Brigadeiro Luiz Antonio 1976 - Bela Vista Monday to Friday 09:00-22:00 and Saturday 10:00-22:00. Metro: Brigadeiro.
Neon Lan House
Internet, games, scanner, laser printing, open office, photocopying and fax services. Av. Prof. Alfonso Bovero, 1046 - Perdizes - Sao Paulo - Monday to Saturday 09:00-22:00 - Sunday 14:00-21:00.
Plannet House
Internet, games, printing, video recordings, fax. Rua dos Jornalistas, 259, (next to the metro Jabaquara) - Jabaquara.
NG Virtual
Cyber cafe, photocopying, conversion of VHS to DVD, telephones, online internet games. Rua Joaquim Floriano, 800 - Itaim Bibi.
Virtual Planet
Virtual Planet Lan house, office, internet and cyber cafe. Installaion and maintenance of networks. Rua Tamoio, 15 - Vila Mariana.
Platoon Internet Cafe
Interent LAN games a speciality of this cyber cafe in the Pinheiros district of Sao Paulo. Rua Simao Alvares, 441 - Pinheiros.
Unit Zero
Internet games online and offline within the network. Rua Domingos de Morais, 1877 - Vila Mariana - Sao Paulo. Monday to Saturday 10:00-00:00, Sunday 10:00-23:00.
Lords Lan House
Large bandwidth internet, online internet games network, printing, webcams and private phone cabines. Rua Coelho Lisboa, 315 -Tatuape.
Base Lan House
Access to the internet on a high speed connection, Microsoft Office, computer games, snacks from Mc Donalds restaurant. Rua Fradique Coutinho, 322 - Pinheiros and also Rua Cerro Cora altura, 949 - Lapa.