Dogs, Cats, Pets & Animals

Megastore for all your pets needs, pets products and services. 8 stores located around Sao Paulo one at: Rua Manoel Velasco, 90, Alto de Pinheiros.
Stillus Pet Shop
Dr. Erika A. Ishada practices vet services, pet medication, bath and "hotel" facilities and accessories. Located at Rua do Estilo Barroco, 401.
Veterinary services for domestic animals including iguanas and other reptiles. Dr Mario Mattiacci speaks English. Rua Prof. Tulio Ascarelli, 18, Alto de Pinheiros 05449-020.
Filhotes & Fricotes
Dr Rene Simonatto speaks English and is a vet practicing in Shopping Iguatemi, Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 2232, 3rd floor, Jardim Paulista 01489-900.
Brazil Pet
Pet transportation company, dog travel, cat transport, pets transported abroad. Veracopos airport used in Sao Paulo. Sao Roque, Sao Paulo.
WorldCare Pet Transport Brazil
Pet transporters, cats dogs and other animals transported abroad from Guaraulhos and Veracopos airport. Atibaia-Sao Paulo.
Mercearia do Animal
Pet shop and vets, also vet pharmacy. Rua do Pinheiros, 439 Pinheiros.
Etc. & Cao Pet shop
Delivery service available for products to your home, veterinary service available, pet bath and pet food products. Located at Rua da Consolacao, 3354, Jardins 01416-020.