Fishing & Angling: Fresh & Sea Water

O Portugues - The Fishing House
Materials and equipment for fishing, maintenance of fishing equipment. Av. Eng. Caetano Alvares, 4912 - 02413-000. (North zone of Sao Paulo).
Cia da Pesca
Fishing rods, bait, fishing tackles, harpoon guns for skin divers, goggles, masks and fins, also sport and hunting rifles. Camping tents. Av. Dr Gastao Vidigal, 2211, Vila Leopoldina.
Pesca & Sportiva
Fishing magazine online, fishing news, competitions and equipment Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 3064, 10th floor, 01451-000.
Commercial Cremonesi
Yacht motors, camping and fishing gear, hunting rifles and inflatable swimming pools. Rua Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, 600 - Jundiaí 13201-002.
Pesqueiro Cantareira
Fresh water fishing in rustic surroundings, restaurant and parking. Av. Luiz Carlos Gentil de Laert, 2500 Santana - Horto. (Inside the SABESP club, in the North zone of Sao Paulo)
Pesca Pinheiros
Telescopic fishing rods, tackles, baits, nets, anglers boat bags, camping equipment, tents, camping gas. Rua Martin Carrasco, 68, Pinheiros.