Galleries, Art Exhibitions & Sales

Bendito Seja
Brazilian art for sale, open Tuesday to Sunday. Rua Inacio Pereira da Rocha, 141 Vila Madalena.
Galeria de Arte Almeida & Dale
Collective exhibitions with works by modernist artists such as Maria Leontina and Cicero Dias among others. Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00. Rua Caconde, 152.
Artur Lopes
Artur Lopes is an English speaking illustrator. Portraits are a speciality.
Arte 57 Escritorio de Arte
Works in the segments of fine arts (academic, modern and contemporary) antiques, identifying and estimating private collections. Monday to Friday 10:00-21:00. Rua Haddock Lobo, 1406.
Arte Aplicada
Contemporary art gallery of paintings, sculptures and art objects. Rue Haddock Lobo, 1406.
Papel Assinado
In the market for many years, Pedro Paulo Mendes is an editor of engravings by the most important Brazilian artists. Special sale conditions for art galleries and decorators. Open Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00. Al. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 306.
Galeria Rabieh
Gallery focused on contemporary art open Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00; Saturday 11:00-17:00. Al. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 147.
Instituto Itau Cultural
Maintained by Itau, one of Brazils largest banks. Art shows, lectures, work-shops and films. Also an archive of photos depicting history of Sao Paulo at this Cultural Institute. Open Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-21:00. Av. Paulista 149. Paraiso.
Elon Brasil Art Gallery
Art gallery with ethnic indiginous Indian/Brazilian paintings at Rua Maestro Chiafarelli, 72 Jardim Paulista.
Galeria Luisa Strina
Sao Paulos oldest contemporary art gallery, with emerging Brazilian artists work for sale. Open Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-17:00 at Rua Oscar Freire, 502, Jardins.
Oscar Niemeyer designed building that resembles a spacecraft. Temporary pop-art and traditional art exhibitions are held here. If there are no exhibitions the building is closed. Check the whats on guide for exhibition news Gate 3, Parque Ibirapuera.
The Jacques Ardies Gallery
Art gallery selling typical Brazilian street scene paintings and naive art. Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00. Saturdays 10:00-16:00. Rua Morgado de Mateus, 579 (In front of the Instituto Biologico).
Instituto Tomie Ohtake
Modern and contemporary art in a building designed by Ruy Ohtake. Eight exhibition rooms, a theater, a video room, a bookstore and an audiotorium. Cafe serves Sunday brunch. Tuesday-Sunday 11:00-20:00. Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima 201, Pinheiros.
Collectors Arte Seculo XX
Specializes in glasses, bronze and marble statuettes and Art Deco ceramics. Works by Brazilian modern and contemporary painters. Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00; Saturday 10:00-14:00. Rua Melo Alves, 369.
Collection exhibition presents Brazilian art from the 19th and 20th Century in the Citys cultural renovation zone, Luz. Selection of over a thousand pieces and a terrace cafe. Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00. Free on Saturdays. At Praca da Luz, 2.
Paulo Kuczynski Escritorio de Arte
Permanent collection includes paintings by Guignard, Pancetti, Ubi Bava. Open Monday to Friday 09:30-18:30. Al. Lorena 1661.
Centro Britanico Brazil
The Brazilian British Center was built by the Cultura Inglesa Sao Paulo to bring together, under one roof, all the organizations and activities related to culture, education, leisure and trade between Brazil and the United Kingdom.
Pavilhao da Bienal
A huge art exhibition is held every even-numbered year at the Bienal (Bi-annual) pavilion in Parque Ibirapuera. Building designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Odd-numbered years have an architect exhibition. Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-19:00.
Luiz Caribe Escritorio de Arte
Art dealer Luiz Caribe has been in the art business for many years. His collection has works by modern and contemporary artists like Di Calvalcanti. At Rua Joaquim Floriano, 466, Edifício Century Offices, Cj. 311, Itaim Bibi 04534-002.
Espaco Arte M. Mizrahi
In the Higienopolis shopping mall, vast permanet collection of paintings, engravings, drawings, and sculpture with works of art by Bruno Giogi and Mario Gruber. Monday to Saturday 10:00-22:00. Sunday 14:00-22:00. Av. Higienopolis, 618.
Amoa Konoya Arte Indigena
Permanent collection. The gallery has an art collection from 85 Brazilian ethnic groups. Monday to Friday 09:00-19:00 and Saturday 09:00-18:00. R. Joao Moura 1002, Pinheiros.
Casa Das Artes Galleria
Art gallery with invited artists work on show and for sale. Art can also be bought online. Rua Bahia, 871, Higienopolis.
Instituto de Arte Contemporanea (IAC)
Located at Centro Universitario Maria Antonia. Exhibitions are dedicated to studies on the work of Amilcar de Castro, Mira Schendel, Sergio Camargo and Willys de Castro. Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00. Vila Buarque, R. Maria Antonia, 258.
Esquema Molduras
Mirrors, frames, art paintings and pictures. Painting restoration. Art gallery and sales at Al. Tiete, 612, Jardim Paulista 01417-020.